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Ajgar comes to Maskini and asks why did she call her. Maskini says the moment she was waiting since so long has come now, she can to and prey her enemy. Ajgar asks who is it. Maskini says Astika who made her a stone for 1000s years. She asks to go and fight with him, though Astika is immortal, they can destroy his present form. Ajgar laughs and leaves. Maskini thinks Astika’s one son is under her trap as a baby snak and another trapped in her love.

Yashoda tells Noorie that guard told Arjun escaped from jail and she doubts he must have gone to save Astika, she is worried something will happen to Arjun. Noorie asks her to calm down, nothing wil happen to Arjun.

Maskini tries to get romantic with Arjun. Gauard comes running and informs that Astika escaped from jail.

Maskini says okay and goes and sits on her chair. Arjun thinks Maskini did not reach much hearing this new, what is she has laid a ttrap for his father, he has to search his father. Astika is seen searching Arjun and Arjun searches Astika. Ajgar with his soldiers attacks Astika. Soldiers attack Astika and Astika kills them all. Astika then attacks Ajgar and grips his neck with his leg. Ajgar falls on ground and becomes snake. Astika slits him with sword. Ajgar disappears. Maskini stabs Astika’s back with a knife. Astika falls on his knees and says he knows nake like Maskini will attack from behind. Maskini says she knew he can only be killed by attacking on his back. She reminds him of rishi’s curse. Astika saays he never thought he his end will be via cruel snake like her. Arjun comes there. Maskini disappears. Astika says his end has come and asks Arjun to take care of his brother Shankchurn and take revenge from Maskini. His body disappears. Arjun cries vigorously. Shankchurn comes there and asks what happened to pijaji/papa. Arjun continues crying. Shankchurn says pitaji is world’s best worrior and nothing can happen to him. He then blames Arjun for all this and says because of Arjun, he could not get hi father’s love. Arjun falls down and reminisces Astika’s love for him. Shankchurn also reminisces Astika’s love for him and cries loudly. Arjun reminisces Astika’s promise to kill Maskini and be with Shankchurn always.

Tina with Aditya continues walking and says they are very near Maskini world. Aditya says thank god, he will get something to drink. Tina sees stone falling on them and saves Aditya, but a stone falls on her hand. Aditya saves her next. Tina thanks him. He thanks her in return and says their path is closed now due to stone boulders.

Yashoda cries in front of Noorie that Arjun should not have bent to Maskini’s demands. Noorie asks her to be courageous, Arjun will kill Maskini soon. Guard laughs on them and says Astika is dead and Arjun cannot do anything now.

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