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Astika pushes Arjun from cliff and Arjun faalls into water and is surprised that he is still aliv. He is shocked to see his image in water as snake. He then goes to temple has shalf snake, fuming. Vasuki touches his shoulder and calms him down. Arjun asks who is he. Vasuki says he is his friend. Arjun says he is Astika’s friend, so he is not his friend, who is he.. Vasuki says they have met before and asks to remember. He gets into his all avtars and shows him that he is the one who gave him to his foster parents and helped him always. Arjun says he did not meet them at all. Vasuki comes into his real form and asks if he knows or not. Arjun idenitifies him and calls him baba. Vasuki says he helped him in many forms. Arjun asks who is he. Vasuki says he is a lot and even nothing,

he is Vasuki. He turns into snake. Arjun panics and shouts to stay away from him. Arjun asks him not to worry, he is mahadev’s neck snake and his disciple. He is in front of him to answer his questions.

Arjun asks if he is same Vasuki whose story he is listening since childhood, who got amrith to gods, then why did not he save Amroli from snakes. Vasuki says that is not his duty, his duty is to just show him a path which will make him nagarjun. Arjun says that means whatever Astika told is true. Vasuki says yes, Astika is Naglok’s mahabali and his father. Arjun is shocked and asks how can he be snake, he did not harm anyone till now. Vasuki says even he is not bad and his brother seshnag also is not bad, they both serve mahadev. His birth is for an important work. Arjun asks what kind of fate he has, till now he thought he is a snake, why fate selected him. Vaasuki says only he is half snake and half human and can before most powerful in 3 worlds, he is the one who can control nagmani. Arjun says a stone will decide his and world’s fate. Vasuki says nagmani is shivji’s power and not stone.

Arjun asks what he should do. Vasuki says nagmani is protecting him, so Shankchurn could not harm him. Arjun asks then why did not he see nagmani yet. Arjun says it is in him. Arjun asks if he was born with nagmani. Vasuki says Astika wanted to take him to naglog, but his mother stopped Astika, so he had to engrave nagmani in him to protect him. Arjun asks who is his mother. Vasuki thinks Arjun will go on wrong path if he tells who his mother is, he touches his head and shows him his birth truth and says Astika and Takshak want to make him full snake and make him deadly weapon. He can help him become nagarjun. Arjun asks why he should become nagarjun. Vasuki says nagarjun is a protector of 3 worlds.

Arjun asks how can he save worlds. Vasuki says it is his fate to protect 3 worlds. Arjun says he wants to save his family and Noorie and asks if he will protect his family and get Amroli snake free, he cannot. Vasuki says he is just a charioteer and will just show him path, Taksha wants to rule on 3 worlds using him and if this happens, world will destroy. Arjun asks how can he trust him when he is not trusting him and telling half truth, he wants to know full truth. Vasuki says okay, he will show him truth, truth is like sun and will burn his feet. Arjun wishes mahadev.

Vasiki takes him to a virtual world in jungle. Arjun says he is ready to know truth, what happpened during mahabharath era. Vasuki says he was waiting for his questions ages, it is time for him to know truth, which was resting under sea for ages, which has maharaj Takshak’s face, with which his fate will reborn. He goes into flashbac where maharaj was performing special yagna.

Precap: Arjun asks agni dev to burn asurs as he is ready to face any powers. Asurs attack Aarjun and he points arrow on them.

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