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Naagarjun 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yashoda gets afraid hearing a sound and thinks someone was here. Arjun holds her shoulder from behind and she gets afraid. She relaxes seeing him and asks why he came hiding in his own house. He says he did not want to disturb anyone. She tells Noorie had come and just went. He says why did she let her go alone. She says she told papa would drop her, but she did not listen. Arjun says he will go and check and leaves on his bike sensing something bad to happen.

Maskini asks Shankchurn and Mohini who are they, why did they come to her land. Mohini says she is Mahabali Astika’s wife and he is her son. Maskini reminisces Astika freezing her and turning into multiple headed snake clutches them in her tail and says Astika made her a stone for 50,000 years, it is time to take revenge.


walks on secluded road. Arjun comes on his bike and asks why she is walking alone, he will drop her. She says she knows he loves her, so he is worried about her. he leaves her hand and asks her to sit behind. Noorie reminisces their first meeting and his concern for her. Tu chal udjayen….song…plays in the background. He drps her home. She gets down and asks if they really cannot unite. He asks her to be at home, there is a risk outside. She asks why should she accept his words, though he is nagarjun, what is the use of his powers, because of which he cannot stay with the people who love him. He says his powers are for a reason and he has changed and cannot change again. She thinks he can go away from her but cannot stop her from coming near him.

Mohini tells Maskini that she cannot punish them as Astika tricked even them and they came to inform that her brother Praninag is dead. She takes human form and ass who dared to kill her brother. Shankchurn says Arjun, Astika’s half human son who has become nagarjun with nagmani. Maskini says Arjun can help her rule over all 3 worlds. Arjun drives bike reminiscing Noorie’s words. Maskini asks if they are not afraid of her. Mohini says they are not afraid of death and came to warn her about her death. Maskini laughs who will dare to touch her. Shankchurn says half human Arjun who is very powerful. Maskini says she will test Arjun once. Maskini takes out her ring and calls her aide Mambosa. Mohini asks if she will not go. Maskini says her aide Mambosa will test Arjun first. Mohini says she will be impressed with Arjun’s powers. Maskini says Mambosa will test Arjun’s powers fist.

Arjun goes back to his room, then goes to sleeping Yashoda’s room and touching her feet says he feels something wrong will happen and needs her blessings to protect himself. He then leaves house. He comes back in the morning and sees family having breaskfast. Yashoda asks him to come and have breakfast. He takes plate. Noorie comes and says she brought prasad. Yashoda insists her to have breaskfast. She sits next to Arjun. Arjun gets up and says he has some work and leaves. People come running and plead him to save form a fire spitting monster. A dracula is seen spitting fire on people.

Precap: Astika sees dracula attacking earth and says Urmi that this is Maskini’s world’s animal. He cannot go on earth, so he will give his power to Urmi and send her.

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  1. noorie should die and urmi should be heroine in nagarjun because she looks better than noorie and she helps arjun in many ways so that I want noorie will die and urmi will be heroine in nagarjun.

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