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Arjun informs Noorie what SP told. Noorie says she cannot live without him. He says her papa asked him to choose between her and his family and he will choose his family. She says then she will die and falls down from cliff. Arjun wakes up from his sleep shouting Nooriee….Mom comes running and asks what happened to him, she is worried for him. He says he is fine and she is unncessarily worrying. She leaves. Arjun thinks it is a very tough night today.

Vasuki is seen meditating. Shankchurn comes near lake. Mohini comes out of lake and Shankchurn greets her. She says he does not look happy seeing her. He says he is always happy seeing her, but is doubting his competency. Mohini says we know about Astika’s maha pooja tomorrow and also know only he can withstand Vasuki. He

has to hide from Astika until she gets back nagmani and then he knows what to do. He says he knows to find out Astika’s human son and kill him.

In the morning, Astika meditates with his soldiers. Mohini comes and taunts Astika that he iswasting 20-year-old boon from Shivji. Astika asks why did she come to earth. She says to help him fulfill his 20-year-old wish. Vasuki prays shivji to bless him and Arjun and protect them. Astika says today is maha pooja day and he will get mani and return to naglok soon. Mohini says she is not bound by human emotions and will destroy Amroli if need be to get mani, even Vasuki has to come in front of her. He orders soldiers not to disturb him in his meditation now.

Arjun informs Aslam about his dream and suggests him to tell a plan to make Noorie hate him. Aslam says so he wants his help now and he will be punished by SP’s goons along with him. Arjun starts feeling severe headache again hearing Astika’s meditation sound. Aslam gets concerned and says he will call mom. Arjun says mom will get worried unncessarily. Mom comes running and takes him in.

At night, Astika continues his meditation with Mohni and his soldiers. Mom tells dad that Arjun is changing, he got severe headache today. He says he saw him angry yesterday, maybe because his young, hot blood. Astika finishes meditation and looks at Amroli city and tells Mohni that after maha grahan mani will glow, Vasuki cannot hide its glow. Mohini says why Vasuki did not leave Amroli. Astika says Vasuki is here as boy is here. Mohini asks which boy. Astika says it is not important now, today he will defeat Vasuki for sure as he has power of mani. He sends super light and switches off whole Amroli’s electricty.

Shankchurn sees power failure, looks at moon and says it is time for mani to glow and change his destiny. Vasuki tells Mohini soon mani will glow and Vasuki will not be able to hide, they have to be faster. Mohini says if he does not get faster, she knows what to do.

Nagmani glows in Arjun’s head. Arjun feels severe headache and comes out of house. Shankchurn reaches outside his house.

Precap: Mohini asks who is Arjun. Astika says it is not important. Shankchurn asks SP if Arjun ate poisoned prasad. Mohini says they have reach Vasuki via Arjun.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thnx ma for update

  2. the serial is getting intensity day by day and may be now arjun will came to know his reality
    episode was good but eagerly waiting for next

  3. thanks for update MA…
    If Arjun is Astika’s human son then who is this Vasuki…
    best showww… waiting for tomorrow episodes…

  4. mtlb i have a doubt between Arjun n Vasuki both relations with Astika ..
    Is Vasuki is from naaglok??

    1. yeah vasuki is from naaglok a snake who always favor the good and didn’t follow anyone but only god while for astika the order of takshik are most important

      1. he is from naaglok and a naag but not lives with takshik or astika for the first time he shown he was living in a place near water and was in a condition of dhean so he don’t had a permanent house because he had no family till now in short he is a naag who only had two things to do first doing pooja/tpasya for making lord happy and to keep evil snake powers away from good ones and keep the good ones protected

  5. marfin ,,, yah i saw vastuki n naaagin roop
    but i idnt clr vastuki frm naaglok!!!!

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