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Naagarjun 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohini tells Shankchurn that Astika will not break his 21-day meditation, tomorrow it is best time to kill Arjun and get nagmani from his head, then they can reach back naglog. She asks if Arjun will come. Shankchurn says humans are emotional and Arjun will come for sure to save his family and Noorie.

Arjun’s whole family gathers and discuss that Arjun stopped them from going out. Sadiq and Aslam also come and say Arjun told to close garage today and come here. Yashoda says he asked to prepare food. Arjun comes with gift bags and distrubites to everyone. Maheshwar asks from where did he get money. He says he was saving for mountain bike and bought gifts with that money. Maheshwar and Yashoda feel sad. Chutki asks what did he buy for mom. He says nothing and says it is all

given by mom. Maheshwar jokes as if dad is for free. Yashoda asks if he is jealous. Arjun asks mom what she needs. She says whenever she comes to wake him up daily, she wants to see him smiling. She asks why all this. He says seeing recent bad events, he wants to create good memories.

SP at his office reminisces Arjun’s words about Shankchurn. Shankchurn comes and asks if he called him. SP stares at him. Shankchurn asks if he has any work. SP says they are going to head quarters to deliver some important files, so he should get ready and come back with bag, they will leave now and will come back day after tomorrow. Shankchurn says tomorrow his family is coming and he cannot come. SP says okay, no problem. Shankchurn leaves. SP thinks if Arjun is telling truth, it is Noorie’s life’s issue.

Arjun happily looks at family enjoying. Chutki asks if Noorie said something. He says from today problems won’t creep near their and Noorie’s family. He hopes SP sees Shankchurn’s real identity and saves Noorie.

Vasuki thinks Arjun may not withstand Shankchurn and Mohini’s attack, only Astika can save him, so he has to break Astika’s meditation. He prays shivji that he cannot ask him to stop Astika’s meditation, so he can pray nandi maharaj to help him. Nandi/bull runs from jungle towards Astika who is metitating. Soldiers try to stop him, but it throws everyone in air and runs towards Astika.

Precap: Shankchurn kills SP. Arjun holds SP in his lap and SP dies.

Update Credit to: MA

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