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Naagarjun 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ajgar tells Noorie and Arjun’s family that today’s day is very special as Arjun accepted defeat and agreed to marry his sister Maskini. Yashoda says he is lying. Ajgar laughs and says he can lie, but not the visuals. He shows Maskini and Arjun hugging each other. Noorie shatters seeing this. Arjun on the other side asks Maskini if he can meet his family for the last time. Maskini says she is not that cruel, he can meet. Arjun leaves. Maskini thinks Arjun will not do any foolishness as they are all in her world.

Arjun goes to meet his family. Chutki runs and hugs him. Arjun asks how is she. She says she is fine. Arjun the touches his parents’ feet and hugs them emotionally. He asks Yashoda if she is not happy seeing him. She says why should she be happy, he

is sacrificing his life for them. Mashwari asks if he accepted to marry Maskini. Arjun apologizes them and requests to forgive them. He then walks towards Noorie and tries to speak, but seeing Maskini’s puppets around hugs her and murmurs something in her ears. She nods okay.

Maskini calls Katya rishi and greets him. Katya thinks she needs something, so she called him here. He asks why did she call him. She says she wants him to help her kill Astika. Katya says Astika is born with Shivji’s boon and is immortal. Maskini tortures Katya’s family. Katya pleads not to torture his family and agrees to help. He tells her a story where Astika as a child arrogantly insults meditating rishi and orders him to get away from his way. Rishi warns him to go from here. Astika turns into snake, bites and laughs. Rishi curses him that someone will trick and kill him. Maskini laughs it is time to take revenge from Astika and orders servant to call Maya and Loka.

Astika thinks he respects Arjun’s decision, but he cannot trust Maskini, so he has to warn Arjunabout Maskini’s tricks. Maheshwar comes and tells Astika that he escaped from soldiers somehow and came to inform him that Maskini took Arjun into jungle, pleads to save Arjun. Astika breaks his confinues and walks out. Maheshwar smirks, revealing he is Maskini’s puppet.

Maskini tells Arjun that she knows he must be feeling weird that he submitted without a fight. Arjun says he just wants to see his family and Amroli people freed. Maskini says he will stay with her in her world and everyone will go back to earth. Arjun asks what about Noorie. She asks if he wants to meet Noorie and takes him to Noorie. Arjun gets emotional seeing Noorie. Kaisi ye paheli kya pata. Arjun tries toch Noorie, but Maskini stops him and tells Noorie that Arjun asked to free everyone in exchange of his love, but Arjun will not forget Noorie. Noorie reminisces Arjun promising he will kill Maskini soon and will return to him. Arjun leaves from there. Maskini smirks.

Maheshwar/Maya takes Astika to jungle. Astika walks further. Arjun sees Maheshwar turning intto Maya and thinks he has to find out reason. Maya goes to Maskini and informs that she tricked Astika and sent him into magical jungle. Maskini orders her to call Ajgar. Astika is seen wandering in jungle.

Precap: Maskini is with Arjun when soldier informs that Astika escaped from jail. Astika fights with solders. Soldier then informs Maskini that even Arjun escape. Someone stabs Astika from behind while Astika is busy fighting.

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