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Urmi asks Astika if Maskini is so powerful. Astika says yes, 1000s of years ago he had defeated Maskini and reminisces an incident where a multiple head snake Maskini creates havoc and Astika is chosen got it. He fights Maskini , but she overpowers him repeatedly. He then goes to lord Brahma and requests for solution. Brahma reminds him of a special sword with which he can send Maskini in to sleep forever and warns to protect swords, else it can be misused to destroy whole world. Astika goes back to Maskini and defeats her and turns her into stone. Astika comes out of flashback and says he thought he had sent Maskini into sleep forever, but he was wrong. Urmi asks where is that sword. Astika says he sent it to place where nobody can reach, now only god can help. Mohini and Shankchurn

continue trying to wake up Maskini.

Noorie goes to Arjun’s cave and waits for him. A snake comes and stands in front of it Noorie says she knows it is him, she wants to talk to him. Snake turns into Arjun. Noorie is shocked. Arjun asks why did she come here. Noorie says she needs to talk to him. He says it is better she stays away from him. She says she loves him and does not mind who is he and what he does. Arjun says it makes a difference and he has come to this earth with a reason. She says he decided himself, but what about her, what she will do about their love. He asks her to forget and move ahead in life. Noorie says it is not easy. He says it is not impossible also and asks her to go from here. Kaisi ye paheli kya pata… in the background. Noorie walks away silently without noticing that her dupatta got stuck to a stone. Arjun picks dupatta.

Arjun walks on clifff holding Noorie’s dupatta and reminisces their romantic days and then asking her to forget about them and move ahead in life. He emotionally says I am sorry Noorie, I hurt you a lot, but there was no other go than this.

In naglok, Astika says it is time to speak to Vasuki, only he can help them. Urmi says he is.. Astika says only Vasuki can help them out. Urmi thinks what if Arjun is in trouble.

Mohini with Shankchurn reaches Maskini’s jungle and looking at beautiful flowers and plants says Maskini’s magic is awsome. Shankchurn says they should be careful. Mohini icalls Maskini.

Arjun throws Noorie’s dupatta from cliff. Flowers fall on him and cries catching a few petal. Urmi comes and hugs him from behind. He pushes her and says he does not like this. She says he is beautiful and loves him, they both are snakes, they why can’t they unite. He says he cannot explain. She says he looks tensed. He says looks like a big problem is creeping on him, he does not know what it is, but it is very big. Urmi ays the tension he is talking about is Maskini.

Yashoda hears someone entering her house and asks who is it. Arjun comes and touches her shoulder from behind. She gets very afraid.

Shanchurn and Mohini continue searching Maskini. They see thinks changing. Shankchurn says it is time to eet Maskini. Maskini appears.

Precap: Arjun touches sleeping Yashoda’s feet and says he feels a big trouble creeping on him and needs her blessings. Maskini asks who dared to kill her brother. Shankchrun says Arjun, mahabali Asthika’s half human son.

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  1. noorie should die and urmi should be heroine in nagarjun serial because urmi looks better than noorie and she helps arjun many ways so that I want noorie will die and urmi will be heroine in nagarjun serial

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