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Naagarjun 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

A man comes to Aslam’s garage to get bike repaired and seeing Maheshwar starts taunting him that police should have kept him in jail for poisoning prasad. Arjun gets very angry and twists man’s hand. Aslam’s dad stops him and suggests not to mess up with silly people, else his dad’s case will weaken. He kicks out man and asks not to come back to his garage again.

Astika does meditation and spreads cosmic waves to read Arjun’s brain. Arjun starts feeling severe headache feeling the waves. Aslam tries to control him, but could not. Noorie comes and touches him and Arjun relaxes. Astika seels his connection cutting with Arjun. Noorie asks Arjun why did she come here, she should leave him alone. She says she cannot leave him alone as she is cocerned for him.

He says there is a lot of problem in family after papa lost his job. She says she wants to stay with him as she likes his family and she wants to live this moment. Aslam comes and informs that SP is coming here. Arjun and Noorie escape via backdoor. SP enters and asks Aslam where is Noorie. Inspector checks garage and says nobody is here. SP leaves.

Shankchurn comes near Arjun’s house and parks his police jeep. Dog barks at him, but gets hynotized looking at his eyes. He then enters gate and thinks this is Arjun Shastri’s house. He gets back into jeep and leaves. Dog is seen dead.

Arjun takes Noorie on his bike towards her home. She insists to watch hilltop view. He says Aslam is alone handling SP, so he has to go back. Noorie says if he will leave alone an innocent, helpless girl. He says he will not melt with her emotional atyachar. She says okay. He leaves. She says he really left and starts walking. He reverses his back back and reaches cliff. Noorie enjoys breeze. Arjun gets mesmerized with her beauty and stands staring. He gets conscious and says why is she standing near cliff end, she will fall down. Noorie says she knew he would come back and asks why did he come back, if he is worried about her. He says he is going and walks a few steps. She sees snake and shouts Arjunnn.. He stands in front of her and stares at snake, his eyes turns into snake eyes. Snake leaves. Noorie emotionally hugs him. SP passes in his jeep and sees them together hugging. Arjun scolds her for coming on cliff alone, asks what if snake had bitten her. She says she would have died and asks why is afraid always, she comes hiding from her father to meet him. He takes her back on bike.

SP comes back to garage. Aslam says Arjun his would be father-in-law came back. Inspector sends everyone out except Arjun. SP yells he warned him to stay away from his daughter and even tortured him, but he did not budge. He knows that he can trap his family. He pulls out car’s jack and car falls on Arjun. Arjun pushes car and replaces jack back and gets up. SP warns Arjun to break Noorie’s heart within a week, else he will send him and his father behind bars forever and destroy his family. Arjun stands nervously.

Precap: Astika does nagmani pooja and says Mohini he will defeat Vasuki today. Shankchurn enters Arjun’s house like a thief at night. Arjun hears Astika’s cosmic waves again and falls down with severe headache.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. ilove it arjun nd noooriee ….
    sOo cute cupple…

  2. episode was nice accept that arjun’s step bro’s scene as he is against arjun
    very eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  3. Guys only 2 comments did no one more than 2read it and if more than 2 people read this then also comment because according to me it’s not bad to had only 2 comments instead of this it is different from many serials and also interesting

  4. I love itt.. this is my favorite shows… love u arjun… n ur friendship with Aslam… this shows not seems like other typical dragging serials which is best thing of this show… It seems like i am watching movie series… so i love iitt from my core….

    thanks for updates….

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