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Arjun goes to SP and informs that Rajveer is a snake and turns from human to snake. SP laughs on him and calls him insane. Arjun says Rajveer will kill Noorie and her life is in danger. SP pushes him out. Rajveer comes and asks is there any problem. SP says he came to congratulate him for his and Noorie’s marriage. Rajveer/Shankchurn says thank you and turns snake eyes. Arjun asks SP if he saw Rajveer’s eyes. SP says yes and asks Rajveer to kick him out.

Rajveer comes to Arjun’s house. Arjun asks why did he come here. Rajveer says what did he tell SP, he was instuled instead. He has to die if he wants to save Noorie. Arjun holds his collar and shouts to shut his mouth. Rajveer says he is holding his collar and his family is in danger. Arjun runs down and

sees each family member dying. Chutki comes running and pleading to save her and dies. Arjun thinks this cannot happen, it is a dream. He sees Mohini standing in front of him who says nothing happened, his family is sleeping peacefully like Noorie is sleeping in her house peacefully. Arjun says he knows she and Rajveer are together, what they need. She says calm down and do whatever Rajveer says. She asks him to go to south moutain behind temple, he will get his answer there. She blows some light and asks him to follow it.

Arjun follows light and sees Shankchurn/Rajveer on mountain. Rajveer asks did he see his future. Arjun says if he wants to kill him, he can, but should tell why he and that woman is troubling him. Shankchurn says it is not necesssary for him, if he dies with his wish, his family and Noorie will be safe. Arjun picks his gun and asks to shoot him. Shankchurn says when he cannot kill him, bullets will not harm him as he is special. Arjun says he wants to know why is he special. Shankchurn shoots his hand and his bullet wound vanishes instantly. Shankchurn says it is not easy to kill him and needs a special weapon. Arjun what he has to do. Shankchurn says he has to come here on amavasya night and say he wants to die with his wish and stab hhimself with a weapon. He asks if he is afraid. Arjun says he is not afraid to die for his family and asks him to get out from there as he does not want to hit him. Shankchurn smirks and leaves shouting amavasya night 12 noon. Arjun says he is untrustable and will change his words after he dies.

Arjun goes to police station and locks door. SP asks why did he come back. Arjun says he wants to show him Rajveer’s truth at any cost. SP warns him that he will kill him. Arjun takes his gun and shoots his hand, wound heals instantly. SP asks what is it. Arjun says even he does not know what is this, he just wants to warn him against Rajveer who showed him a future that he will kill Noorie after marriage. He just wants him to see Rajveer’s truth tomorrow for Noorie’s life. He walks out and SP looks at his gun.

Shankchurn goes to jungle and tries to pick special weapon. Mohini stops him and says it is not yet ready to kill Arjun and asks him to give it to Arjun on amavasya when Arjun’s are least. He says what if Astika saves him even this time. She says Asthika is busy in 21 day meditation after which he will get shivji’s boon to make Arjun a nagarjun.

Precap: SP sees Rajveer’s real identity and Rajveer kills him. Rajveer then stabs Arjun with special weapon.

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    worst precap

  2. guys is arjun’s family really died what’s this it’s not god and what will happen now mohini and rajveer are forcing him to die how will he make all ok

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