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Arjun and Astika walk behind Cheemi. Astika asks if she is taking her via rightpath. Cheemi says she told him that she does not exact route, only Maskini knows it. Arjun tells Astika something, and Astka says this cannot happen. Arjun then tells Cheemi something, and Cheemi turns into bat and flies.

Tina and inspector Aditya get happy seeing water fall, but water fall disappears. Aditya asks how can this happen. Tina says it is black magic, that means they are around Maskini’s world. Aditya says they have to go back as he is very thirsty. Tina says she came here to save Arjun and Amroli people and will not back offf. Aditya says okay, he does not have any other option than following her.

Astika asks Arjun why did he do this. Arjun says there was no other option to

save Amroli people and his family, he will become Maskini’s servant for life and save everyone. Astika says like he thought, Arjun’s humanity got alive and he is proud of his son. Arjun tells Maskini that he is ready to become her servant. Cheemi reaches Maskini. Maskini says she cannot dare to come here bare handed. Cheemi shows her Arjun’s message. Maskini asks her to go and tell that she accepts Arjun’s requests.

Arjun apologizes Astika. Astika says he wanted his son to be nagarjun and rule naglok. Arjun says he just wants to save his people and can serve Maskini whole life in exchange. Astika says he could have become naglok’s king easily, but he chose to serve people. He is seeing same qualities in his son and is proud of him. Arjun hugs him emotionally. Cheemi comes and informs that Maskini accepted Arjun’s requested and invited them both to her place. Arjun says let us go then. Cheemi says she is a simple creature and is loyal to her boss, she can die for her boss and whoever saves her. She says they have to walk a bit till the door. They all 3 walk.

Maskini asks Maya and Loka to make arrangements to greet Arjun. Chutki comes running and hugs Yashoda and Masheshwar. Noorie also comes and hugs Yashoda. Yashoda says soon Arjun will come and save them. Noorie says something is wrong, why would Maskini change so easily. Chutki says Pari didi is not good, she confined her in a room where there were manu sadhus and rishis, one was 3000 year old and she used to feed him, soon Arjun will come and save them. Yashoda asks where is Aslam. Noorie says Aslam passed away.

Arjun and Astika reach Maskini’s place. Maskini greets them. Arjun asks where are his peoppe. Astika asks Arjun not to trust her, she will betray. Maskini says she does not break her words, Arjun has to wait for some time like she waited. She asks Astika if he is feelingg helpless ot behind in front of him. Astika holds her neck and says he will not bend in front of her and will kill her. Maya and loka point weapons on him. Maskini orders to capture Astika. Astika is tied with supwer powers. He thinks he has so much power to break all this, but he is silent because of his son’s promise. Maskini says Arjun that she is thankful to thim that he came near her, now he has to get closer to her. Arjun asks where are her people. Maskini asks if he does not trust her, his people are safe. Arjun asks if she does not trust him, why can’t she free his people. Maskini says first he has to come closer to her, then she will send his dears one back to earth. Arjun fumes but let her hug him. Maskini thinks she won Arjun at last, world’s best warrior is in her grip now.

Precap: Maskini tells Arjun if they unite, they can rule whole world. She tells Noorie that Arjun asked to free them all in exchange of him.

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