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Arjun tells Vasuki that whenever he questions him, he devlops 10 more questions. He feels he is surrounded by questions. Vasuki says questions will creep up whole life. He asks who is his biggest enemy. Vasuki says his step brother Shankchurn. Arjun says he thought he would says Astika or Takshak. Vasuki says if Shankchurn learns Tarshan vidya, he can get nagmani from his body and kill him.

Noorie looks at her engagement ring and reminisces time spent with Arjun. Tears roll down her eyes. Rajveer/Shankchurn enters and tries to kiss her from behind. Noorie turns and asks what is this. He says he bought their engagememnt album. He wipes her tears and says she must be missing her papa and he must be blessing them from wherever he is. Noorie says yes, and as per his wish, she will

marry him. His hand skin turns snake skin. He thinks he has to go to naglog, but he cannot as Noorie is still remembering Arjun. He hypnotizes and makes her sleep and says he is going to kill Arjun.

Vasuki tells Arjun that he forsees a big battle and whichever side he is on will win. He says why did not Astika and Takshak take him yet then. Vasuki says they would have taken him if he had not given him to Shastri family and war would have started 20 years ago. Astika watches it via is superpowers and fumes that Vasuki will pay for it. Vasuki continues telling Arjun that Shankchurn wants to kill him and take nagmani and become more poweful than Astika. He says like his mother, even he wants him to help mankind. Arjun asks if he should become nagarjun or nag rakshas. Vasuki says he should decide it, whether he wants to help humanity or destroy it.

Arjun reaches home and sees his dad freezed. He thinks Shankchurn must have done this and shouts who did this. Yashoda comes and says Maheshwar is just playing. Maheshwar Chutki made him stand like this to make portrait. Yashoda says her classteacher asked to make portrait of her favorite things and family is favorite for her, asks him also to pose. Maheshwar calls Chutki, she does not come. Arjun looks himself in mirror and goes to his room. He thinks if he can become snake with his wish like Vasuki told and tries. His face changes. He shouts he wants to be Arjun Shastri and deoes not want to become nagarjun.

Shankchurn tells Mohini and nagmaya that he knows Vasuki informed Arjun everything and Arjun became more powerful, but he does not want to live in fear. Mohini says if Astika takes Arjun to naglog, they cannot get nagmani. Shankchurn says he will kill Arjun and get nagmani. Nagmaya says what if he loses his wife trying to get nagmani. Mohini asks what does she mean. Nagmaya says if Astika will know that they sent Bajpaye and others to kill him, he will kill them all. Mohini says he will not know. Shanchurn says before Astika takes Arjun, he will kill Arjun and get nagmani.

Arjun comes to hall and sees Astika there. He shouts at him to get out of his house. Maheshwar scolds him to behave with guest. Yashoda says he told he will speak to trustee and get Maheshwar’s job back. Arjun says Astika is a prankster and he will deal with him now and asks parents to go in. They go in. Astika takes Arjun aside and calls him son. Arjun shouts not to call him son. Astika says father-son relationship is the most pure one in the world and he wants to take him to naglog among their people. Arjun shouts not to call him son again. Astika says he is speaking like Vasuki who does not want them to unite and was kicked out of naglog.

Precap: Arjun asks Tina whom to trust, Vasuki or Astika. Astika with nagmaya’s help disguises as Vasuki and says he will make so many sins that even Mahadev will hate Vasuki.

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