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Arjun holds Maskini’s (as human) hand. She starts crying. Yashoda asks him to leave her hand. Arjun says he was checking her fever. He feels she is not nagin, but he has to be alert. Maskini thinks Arjun could not identify that she is nagin queen, Katya rishi’s black magic worked. Chutki says she will call her pari till then. Maskini thinks she is black magic queen, but this girl is callling her angel.

Astika tries to destroy door via which Maskini can enter. Urmi comes and asks what is he doing. He says he is trying to destroy this door to stop Maskini from entering earth. She asks what if it is impossible. He says he has to somehow, else Maskini’s evil army will enter and eart and destroy it. He tries again and gets hurt. Urmi gets worried.


and Mohini enter Noorie’s house. Noorie stops them and says she knows they are snakes, so they should go from her house. Shankchurn asks what happened to her. She says Arjun is a good snake and they are bad snakes. Mohini asks what happened to her, they are a family. She asks Shankchurn to explain her. Shankchurn says there is no use as Arjun always tries to malalign their image and Noorie believes Arjun. Noorie turns and says she trusts Arjun more than herself and asks them to go. Shankchurn’s face skin turns snake skin and he walks towards Noorie angrily. Mohini stops him says they will go if Arjun proves that they are snake. Noorie leaves from there. Shankchurn scolds Mohini that Arjun can prove they are snake easily. She says she knows, but he was so angry and was turning into snake, so she handled situation. Shankchurn says whatever it is, if they cannot prove, they have to leave this house, but they have to stay here as Maskini is here.

Urmi asks Astika why did he close door. He says he had to, to stop Maskini and her army entering world. Urmi says they have to alert Arjun about this.

Chutki brings milk for Maskin and asks her to drink. She goes out Maskini sips milk and it turns blue. She throws it from window. Shankchurn comes there and seeing this thinks Maskini has started her black magic on humans. Arjun sees him and asks if he sent that girl. Shankchurn asks which girl, he does not need any girl’s help to get nagmani and he will get it. Arjun says his dreams will not come true. Shankchurn says they will and leaves thinking Arjun guards his house always. Urmi comes and tells Arjun that Astika is ill and he has to come to naglok with her. Arjun resists but agrees finally. Shankchurn hears their conversation.

Arjun reaches naglok with Urmi and fumes seeing Astika healthy. He yells he does not want to hear anything. Astika says he has listen and says she is coming to earth with her evil army to destroy earth and her name is… Arjun says he does not want to listen and leaves.

Shankchurn comes to meet Maskini and says Arjun has gone to meet Astika. She asks so what. He says Noorie has challenged that Arjun prove Mohini and him are snakes, so she has to help them. She asks why should she. He says she has to. Yashoda hears their voice and wals towards room. Maskini cuts her hair with black magic diamond and makes taweez out of hair and asks Shhankchurn to wear it, he will become human for 12 hours. Shankchurn wears it and says Arjun will not prove he is nag. Yashoda opens door. Maskini acts as talkig to herself. Yashoda asks her not to worry. Maskini hugs her till Shankchurn leaves in snake form. Chutki comes and says Maskini let us go near river, may be she will remember who she is. Maskini agrees and walks with her. Yashoda feels sad for Maskini.

Chutki takes Maskini near river bank and asks how is she feeling, if she remembers anything. Maskini says no and thinks someone is spying on her. Chutki asks if she is fine. Maskini says yes. Someone watches her from behind tree. Chutki panics seeing snakes coming towards them. Maskini asks Chutki not to get afraid and runs when she says. They run. A snake bites Maskini’s hand. Arjun comes there and seeing Maskini’s snake bite says a poisonous snake bit her. She says she was saving Chutki and acts as falling unconscious. Arun sucks poision out of her body and says he removed poison from her body and she will be fine. Chutki says let us take her home. Arjun apologizes her and walks lifting her. Snake which bit her dies.

Precap: Shankchurn tells Maskini that her one mistake of killing Noorie would have made Arjun realized that Maskini has come on earth. Noorie tests Shanckhurn and is shocked seeing he is not a snake.

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