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SP gives investigation file to Rajveer and asks him to find out how Arjun is related to chief minister and all the incidents. Rajveer sees Pranali’s pic in file and thinks she was in naglog jail, how did she come to earth. Noorie hears their conversation and thinks they want to kill Arjun, she needs to alert him. SP seeds her and asks Rajveer to drop team out and come back. Rajveer leaves. SP calls Noorie and asks what was she hearing. She says she was passing by and stopped to say hello to Rajveer. Rajveer comes back, and Noorie says hi. He greets back and leaves. SP asks inspector to gaurd Noorie and not let her go out.

Rajveer gets into car and sees Mohini there who says she realizes when he calls her. He asks how did Pranali come here. She says Astika got her released from

jail and then killed her. He asks how is Arjun related to all this. She says she will find out and asks him to prove himself first. Rajveer/Shankchurn says okay and leaves.

Noorie walks out of house hiding to inform Arjun. Mohini follows her and comes in snake form. Noorie gets afraid and moves back and falls in a deep pit. Mohini calls her pet 5-mouthed snake sarp peech. Snake comes. She orders him to frighten girl but not kill her. Noorie calls Arjun and informs that she fell in a deep pit and a big snake has attacked her. Arjun rushes from home and falls into pit and sees her unconscious. He tries to wake her up. Mohini orders snake to attack Arjun and it attacks. Another snake also bites Arjun. Arjun’s eyes turn snake eyes and he growls. Mohini’s pet snake obeys Arjun instead. Arjun picks Noorie and gets out of deep pit on snake’s head. He and Noorie then gain consciousness. Noorie says she saw big snake. Arjun says even he saw snake, he just remembers jumping into pit to save and nothing after that. He emotionally says he lost badi maa today and does not want to lose any dear ones, he does not want to lose her. He drives bike and she rides behind him.

SP announces in market that he has assigned curfew in the evening. A man asks why. SP warns him to do as he says if he wants to be alive, he is investigating case. People discuss it has become very difficult to stay in Amroli.

Arun drops Noorie in market amd asks her to go home. Noorie says dad thinks he is killing people and wants to kill him. Shankchurn comes and tries to bite Arjun from behind. Mohini stops him. Arjun asks why is he following him. Shankchurn/Rajveer says SP has ordered him to spy on him and Noorie and warns him to stay away from Noorie. Arjun warns him to be in his limits and leaves on his bike. Shankchurns then fumes in front of Mohini that she stopped him from killing a human. Mohini informs him that Arjun is his step brother, Astika’s human son. Shankchurn thinks he will kill Arjun.

Precap: Astika orders Shankchurn to kill Arjun. Shankchurn beats Arjun and thinks he will prove he is superior than Arjun.

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  1. Nice episode

  2. episode was too good specially that snake scene was too awesome
    precap is enterestin but he can’t die waiting for arjun’s love confession to noori,realization of arjun’s reality to himself And to know effect of his reality on his love story

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