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Naagarjun 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun finds Yashoda’s bangle on ground and tells Astika an Shankchurn that this is my mother’s bangle and emotionally calls maa. Shankchurn shakes him and asks to control himself and not bring problem on himself. Astika tells he told to control himself, else he will lose his powers. A fire ball fall on Arjun and Arjun asks why he is not able to tolerate fire. Astika tells he told him alread, they will lose their powers if they stay here long. Fire balls fall on Astika and Shankchurn and they both kick balls back. Astika says let us go from here. Shankchurn thinks he has to make Arjun lose all his powers and then kill him.

Inspector and his constables search Tina and reach near a well. Constable pandey gets afraid and says let us go back. Inspector says Tina must have

hostaged Amroli people in this well and asks constables to jump in. Three jump in, but Pandey resists. Inspector pushes him in and jumps. They all fall down. Their joker giri is shown.

While walking in Maskini lok, Arjun sees his fire wound not healing and asks reason. Astika says he lost his one circle and if he loses all 7, he will become normal human and nagmani will lose its powers. Shankchurn thinks he has to make Arjun lose all 7 circles and get nagmani. He finds plans a dangerous route to reach Maskini and says he found a route. Astika says let us go then. Maskini speaks and says Arjun, this is my land and he should return, else he will neither die nor will live. Arjun provokes her to come in front of him and stop being a coward. Maskini comes in front of him and says he may be nagarjun of his world, but in this world, he is just a common human. He cannot save his family, how will he save himself. Arjun angrily tries to strangulate her, but it is just her image. She laughs and disappears repeatedly, challenges that he wanted to fight withh her and now he can. Astika stops Arjun and sas this is Maskini’s image and she wants him to lose his energy. Maskini laughs that this fool human thinks he can fight with her. She shows footage of torturing Arjun’s family and disappears.

Inspector with his constables continue walking and find a light. Lady constable says this must be a secret cave. Inspector says girl must have hidden people here. Pandey jokes. Inspector scolds him and asks to do his duty. One of constable is dragged by someone and killed. They here her shouting. Inspector asks constables not to worry, he is there with them.

Arjun’s family is brought in front of Maskini. They see Amroli people on floor and get afraid. Maskini shows the footage to Arjun and says she warned him not to mess with her, but he brought his father Astika with him, now he should see how she tortures people. Shankchurn says Maskini is very cruel. Maskini’s guard throws a man in fire well. Yashoda encourages Arjun not to get afraid of Maskini and fight with her. Maskini angrily walks towards her. Arjun warns not to touch his mother and fight with her. Maskini tortures Yashoda and asks her to tell her son to fight with her. Maheshwar says he gave her shelter in his house, this is how she is repaying him. Maskini orders guards to throw Maheshwar in fire well. Yashoda pleasd to spare her husband, she will do anything. Maskini asks to slap her husband. Yashoda says she cannot slap her husband. Maskini warns that she will throw him in fire well then. Maheshwar signals Yashoda to slap him.

Precap: Maskini says it is time to throwa tornado Jimmy in front of Arjun. A distressed woman pleads Arjun, Astika and Shankchurn to help her. Astika says no,, this is Maskini’s magic. Woman disappears and appears in front of Maskini. Maskini asks described how she killed 3 of them.

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