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Arjun grips Diganth’s neck when he taunts and insults him. Maheshwar and Yashoda ask him to leave Diganth. Arjun shouts that he is tired and wants to rest, leaves Diganth and leaves. Yashoda asks Maheshwar if he saw Arjun’s eyes, looks like his childhood powers have returned. Maheshwar says babaji told he controlled Arjun’s powers. Yashoda says Arjun has grown up now and his powers must have come back.

Vasuki nurses Astika’s wounds and asks why did he risk his life even after knowing he is human for 21 days, he could even have used special weapons and kill garud. Astika says he did not as he wanted to provoke Arjun’s powers, he saw a ferocious and curel warrior in Arjun’s today. Astika thinks if Arjun’s powers come back, he cannot stop him now.


looks at himself in mirror with snake eyes and tongue and cuts his palm. Palm heals instantly. He shouts….Yashoda watches that and runs to inform Maheshwar that Arjun’s childhood powers have come back. Maheshwar asks her to calm down. Chutki comes to Arjun’s room with milk. Arjun gets back to senses. Chutki requests him to drink milk before papa comes. Arjun finishes half and asks Chutki to finish another half. She is about to drink when Yashoda with Maheshwar comes and stops her. Chutki happily leaves. Yashoda nervously hugs Arjun. Arjun asks what happened. Maheshwar says he is looking tired and should rest. Yashoda says everything will be alright and comes out of room. She throws milk in sink and asks Maheshwar if he saw Arjun’s condition, baba’s words are coming true. They should tell truth to Arjun. Maheshwar says they hdid truth from Arjun for his saftey and if Arjun wll know his secret, they will lose him forever.

Arjun shouts in pain. They both run to his room and pamper him. Maheshwar sees his skin turning into snake skin and says same thing is repeating. Yashoda hugs him and he normalizes and asks what is happening to him. Sometimes he feels his head and body is breaking, but then thinks next moment nothing happened, why papa told it started again. Yashoda says it is time to tell truth. Maheshwar asks him to remove T-shirt and shows his snake mark on back. Arjun asks why this mark is gettin dark and increasing, what is the meaning of this. Yashoda says this is his past, which they tried to hide, it is time to meet his past. They take him to store room. He asks why they brought him here. Maheshwar shows suitcase and says it has his chidhood in it. Yashoda says they prayed god for a child and shivji sent him. They saw unique powers in him and baba took all his powers with him. Maheshwar tells baba warned them that Arjun’s powers will return and he will ask about his past. Arjun asks how. Yashoda says by touching. She gives him his childhood toy and asks to touch and feel his past. Arjun looks at and feels his toy. He vishalizes his childhood days when he is in cradle and yashoda pampers him. Maheshwar calls and she leaves. Baby Arjun kicks cradle and things start falling like in eathquake.

Precap: Arjun finishes half milk. Cat drinks milk next and dies. Aunt shouts how did cat die and how milk turned blue.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. what about noori,shankchurn and mohini and finish all this what will happen if Arjun came to know his reality will he live with his family or the family will lose Arjun

  2. Interesting now Arjun will know but what will happen next… Eagerly waiting…..

  3. It’s heading towards it’s direction of awesomeness…. Thank God for not showing Noorie … That savage look of Arjun was way too awesome…

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