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Naagarjun 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun with his family and friends goes for his felicitation ceremony by Amroli people. People greet him and says ACP Rajveer will felicitate him. Rajveer comes and with jealous face felicitates Arjun. Everyone clap. Mohini standing aside fumes. Rajveer says he misunderstood Arjun and came to correct his mistake, Arjun is a good man and apologizes him folding his hands. Arun says he will not forget this day and tells people that he is not angry on anyone or wants apology, Amroli is his city and he will not think of harming his people, even then if they think they are troubled by him, he will apologize them and will make sure they will not face any problem again. People say let us go into temple and pray. Arjun leaves. Rajveer angrily leaves thinking Arjun will pay for his insult.


with family prays in temple and thanks god for returning his family back. He reminisces god giving him powers and continues praying. Yashoda asks what happened. Arjun says he is taking god’s blessings. Yashoda says god’s blessing are with him always. Arjun walks out f temple and people dance around him.

Shankchurn and Mohini go back to jungle and look at dead snake body. Mohini smirks and says whatever they thought happened. Arjun killed Mastini’s brother and powerful Mastini will take revenge from Arjun.

People lift Arjun and continue dancing and celebrating. Arjun then sees Noorie coming. She smiles at him. Tina watches them. Arjun angrily walks away fom there. Tina stops him and says he does not have to run everytime. He says he is walking and not running from situation. Tina says everytime his thinking is not right, Noorie must be having her own reason. Arjun says he does not want to talk aout Noorie. Tina says she told everything to Noorie and says she thought he would go and inform Noorie, but he did not, so thinking it would be too late, she informed Noorie and now their differences may vanish. Noorie loves him a lot. Arjun looks at Noorie looking him eagerly.

Shankchurn looking at snake reminisces apologizing Arjun and says Mohini that once Mastini kills Arjun, his revenge will be complete.

Arjun walks to Noorie and tells he wanted to tell her truth, but thought she would hate him hearing truth and he cannot handle her hatred. She must have known by now that their ways are different and they cannot be together, so it is better they part ways. He walks away while she calls him and cries.

Shankchurn takes Mastini’s brother’s dead body to Naglok. Moini calls Mastini and asks to wake up as his brother is dead and has to take revenge from Arjun. Mastini wakes up roaring. Astika watches everything via his super powers and thinks this is a sign some disaster. He sees Mohini and Shankchurn calling Mastini. Urmi comes and asks why is he tensed. Astika says there is complete silence as if something bad will happen soon. Urmi asks who made him get worried. Astika says Mastini who is a evil and can destroy whole world.

Precap: Astika tells Urmi that he had defeated Mastini 1000s of years ago. Mohini and Shankchurn search Mastini in jungle and tell her that her brother is killed.

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