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Shankchurn tells SP sir’s daughter Noorie. Arjun shouts what happened to Noorie. Shankchurn says nothing happened to her yet and asks him to look into his eye and see what he can do. Arjun sees Noorie marrying Shankchurn and dying after he bites her neck. He gets very afraid and asks what was this. Shankchurn says it is Noorie’s future and nobody can change it, he brought him here to show Noorie’s future. Arjun says this cannot happen and warns him to keep Noorie away from their fight. Shankchurn says he showed him Noorie’s future and nobody can stop her from dying, not even him, he should go and see Chutki now. Arjun runs from there.

Astika prays god that he will do 21 days meditation and wants powers to revoke Arjun’s powers and make him Nagarjun. He

informs his soldiers to not let anyone disturb him. He stands on 1 feet meditating.

Noorie angrily asks SP why he is troubling Arjun’s family when he promised he will spare them if she marries Rajveer. SP says he is not. She asks then why police picked for routine investigation as a sadhu was seen talking to Arjun before he was found dead. Noorie shouts he is a lier. SP says he will send Arjun to jail in false case if he befriends her and it is a warning. She says she will file false case against him if he tries to harrass Arjun’s family and it is her promise, not warning. SP looks at her angrily.

Maheshwar speaks to inspector and says family that Arjun is taken for routine questioning and he is fine. Yashoda says thank god Arjun is not in any problem. Aunt yells Arjun himself is a problem and they should throw havan ash all around house. Cousin comment Sadhu whom Arjun consulted was found dead behind temple. Aunt panicks. Yashoda prays for Arjun’s safety. Chutki says she will protect her brother.

Arjun comes home and looking at Noorie’s gifted locket and Noorie telling they both will face his problems together. Locket falls down. Chutki picks it. Arjun tells her that Rajveer was the snake who tried to attack her. Chutki says she cannot believe. Arjun says even he could until he saw from his eyes, now Rajveer is marrying Noorie. Chutki says she should inform Noorie about Rajveer.

Arjun goes to Noorie’s house. She asks him to go before SP sees him. He says why is she marrying Rajveer. She says it is irrelevant question. He says he will not let her marry Rajveer. She says it is her decision and he cannot interfere. She asks him to go and locks her room. He knocks door and says Rajveer is different that he portrays. Noorie thinks she knows he loves her a lot, but she is marrying Rajveer to protect him and his family. Rajveer comes and Arjun says he will tell his truth to whole world. Shankchurn says nobody will believe him. Arjun says he will save Noorie from him. Shankchurn says he can try his best. Arjun asks what he needs. Shankchurn says he needs his life in exchange of Noorie’s.

Precap: No precap.

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