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Naagarjun 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maskini’s servants enter her room while she is busy applying make up and inform her that Ajgar angrily left taking oath to return only after killing Astika and Arjun. Maskini reaches Cheemi who pleads to save her as Arjun warned her that he will kill her if she does not take her to Maskini on time, she is delaying somehow by wandering in wrong route. Maskini turns into Astika and strangulates Cheemi. Cheemi is shocked to see him. Astika says he trusted her, but she betrayed him. Cheemi says she cannot go against Maskini. Astika says her death is for ssure. Arjun says she has to die either via them or Maskini, at least if she shows them right path, they can spare her.

Ajgar walks angrily, but something stops it. He thinks he has to use his superpowers to get out o here, but

he gets strangulated more and asks what is happening. Maskini via her super powers says this is her built magical web for her enemies and he got trapped in it. She frees him and scolds why did he go out, only she can decide when and how to kill her enemies.

Arjun tells Cheemi she has to die anyways and if she tells truth, they can spare her. Cheemi tells Maskini does not want them to reach her before munga parv and asked her to fool them. Arjun asks to take her to Maskini first. She says it is impossible as it is Maskini’s built world and there are many magical webs.

On the other side, Maskini tells Ajgar that she wants to torture Arjun a lot first and then kill her, so he will not touch Arjun. Ajgar says she can take Arjun and he will take Noorie as servant, Arjun and Astika are very near now. Maskini says she knows and she will build a beautiful magical web before they come. She orders Maya and Loka to bring Arjun’s parents.

Arjun and Astika tensely think what to do. Cheemi just silently watches them. Astika says Arjun this girl is of no use to them. Arjun says she may help them as she remember the route she brought them here. Cheemi silently tries to escape. Astika captures her and ties to a tree and warns why she wants to die before her death. Cheemi says Maskini can see everything and will kill her. Arjun says they will take her to their world and she can live there peacefully, she has to take them to Maskini before munga parv and asks which is the route. She says that side. Astika says they cannot trust her. Arjun says there is no other go. Astika frees Cheemi and they all 3 start walking again.

Maskini comes to Yashoda and Maheshwar’s jail cell. They both plead her to spare Chutki. Maskini says she will them all 3 as Arjun will be coming soon. She orders Maya and Loka to take them from there. Yashoda pleads again to return Chutki.

Tina and Aditya sit down after getting tired. Aditya says he could not use sword. Tina says once the reach Maskini lok, he can show his talent. Aditya hears water sound and says water. Tina says even she is thirsty. He says he can hear water sound. They both find water fall and think Maskini’s world is nearby.

Maskini goes to Noorie’s jail cell next and says seeing her condition, she can’t even ask how is she, but she has brought a good news for her. She knows she wants to rule all 3 worlds, so she will keep Arjun alive. Noorie asks if she can meet Arjun. Maskini says they both will be in Maskini lok and never meet. Noorie says she cannot do this. Maskini says this is her world and only she can decide what happens here.

Precap: Astika asks Arjun why did he free Cheemi. Arjun says there was no other go. Cheemi in her real form informs them that nagrani Maskini accepted their request and wants to meet them

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