Naagarjun 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reporters throng Shankchurn and ask who is behind school bus kidnap. Shankchurn says his team is working on it and they will find out soon. They ask if he knows who are they. He says they all roam around city holding camera, if they do anything to stop crime. Reporters shut their mouth. He says instead of posing senseless questions, they should let police do their work. Children’s parents throng police station and ask police what they are doing instead of protecting children. A constable comes and informs Shankchurn that bus driver’s body is found and team has gone behind evidence. Shankhcurn leaves. Yashoda tells Maheshwar that pollice will not anything, they should do something.

Arjun in his cave tells Urmi that he will not break mom’s promise. Yashoda with

Maheshwar comes there and tells he has to save Amroli children and feels guilty for giving him unnecessary promise. Arjun assures her nothing will happen to children. Maheshwar hugs Arjun and asks him to go and save children.

Goons beat school teacher and warn her to shut her mouth. They driver car towards jungle. Arjun comes as snake and flies towards bus. Goons get afrai seeing snake. Chutki realizes it is Arjun. Driver panicks, loses balance and drives bus down cliff. Bus stops half way into hal and is about to fall. Arjun takes snake form and pushes bus back. Everyone are surprised. Arjun takes back human form. Goon comes out of bus and pointing gun on him asks who is he, what he needs. Arjun warns him to leave children. Goon attacks Arjun and Arjun counterattacks and kills him. Another goon kidnaps Chutki and escapes. Parents come and see Arjun rescuing children. Arjun asks children where is Chutki. Children says another goon took Chutki away. Arjun runs behind goon. Shankchurn comes and parents scold him that police is fit for nothing and Arjun did police’s job. Yashoda and Maheshwar come and ask where is Chutki. Teacher say Arjun bravely rescued children, but another goon ran away with Chutki, so Arjun ran behind him. Yashoda gets worried for Arjun. Maheshwar says nothing will happen to him.

Arjun follows goon. Goon points gun at Chutki and warns him not to come in front of him. Arjun makes Chutki unconscious with his power. Goon shoots him. He holds bullet in his mouth and spits back. Bullet hits goon and he dies. Shakchurn and Mohini watch hiding and discuss Arjun should use nagmani to save Chutki. Their puppet snake attacks Arjun and Arjun counter atttacks snake and kills him. Mohini says Shankchurn that Arjun does not that his win is biggest loss for him. Arjun carries Chutki back home and seeing people outside his home reminisces people stone pelting him. People thank him for saving their children and apologize for stone pelting him. Yashoda comes and asks Arjun what happened to Chutki. Arjun says he is fine. Aslam takes Chutki. Tina hugs Arjun and says that is like her jhunjun. Aslam says he needs party. People thank Arjun again and says they have arranged his felicitation ceremony in the evening.

Precap: People ask Shankchurn to felicitate Arjun. Shankchurn garlands Arjun and says he misunderstood a brave person. Astika tells Urmi that even he could not defeat Mastini. Mohini tells Shanchurn Arjun killed Mastini’s brother and now Mastini will not spare him.

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