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Unconscious Arjun is kept under oxygen mask. Doc checks him and tells family they need not worry, Arjun is not bitten by snake. Chutki asks Arjun to open eyes and he does. Doc says his doubt is right, Arjun choked due to havan’s smoke carbon dioxide gas and now is fine. Maheshwar leaves havan ash unattended.

Shankchurn tells Mohini he knows she is angry on him. Mohini says she is not and feels weak. Shankchurn asks what happened. She says she went to kill Arjun’s sister Chutki and bit Arjun by mistake and poison affected him instead, thanks to Asthika who saved her life. Shankchurn angrily says he will kill Arjun. Mohini stops him and says mani is in Arjun and it affected her, if he bites Arjun, even he will be affected. He asks if Astika knows about it. She says yes

and he is experimenting also, he wants Arjun to become Nagarjun and 3 world’s king. Shankchurn says only he will become 3 world’s king. Mohini stops him and says someone is hearin them. Shankchurn catches Astika’s soldier and asks what to do. She says she will kill him and suck his powers. She kills him and takes Shankchurn from there and says Astika wants them to go back to naglog so that they don’t interfere him from making Arjun nagarjun, but she wants to kill Arjun before that and get nagmani from his body. Shankchurn says it can happen and he has a plan. She says they got affected trying to kill Arjun. Shankchurn says he will trouble Arjun so much that he will suicide. They will get nagmani from Arjun’s body then.

Noorie in her roomm looks at her and Arjun’s pic on mobile and smiles. Mohini comes there with shankchurn and freezes her and asks Shankchurn what about this girl. He says Ajrun loves this girl and they will use her to force Arjun to suicide, then they will get nagmani from his body and his powers will vanish, then he will get back life again. She asks what is her role in his plan. He asks her to divert Astika’s attention. Once they both leave, Noorie wakes up and feels lightheaded.

Arjun while working in garage reminisces bleeding after hearing havan mantras and thinks what happened to him then. Chutki while playing snake ladder tells Aslam that he is acting weird since yesterday afer havan and even fell unconscious. He did not even take her for a test drive on bike. Sadiq chacha comes and scolds Aslam for sitting lazily. Chuti starts emotionally blackmailing him and asks to let her go on a test drive on new bike. Sadiq warns not to touch bike, but gives up on Chutki’s emotional atyachar and gives her key asking not to go long or speed up.

Chutki gives keys to Arjun and says let us go on test drive. Arjun says he is busy and she starts emotional blackmail again. Arjun scolds Aslam and Aslam says he is official punching bag of Shastri family. He sits on bike and adds key when Shankchurn enters and says Chutki he knows her name and tries to touch her. Arjun pushes his hand and warns not to touch his sister. Shankchurn says he will take him to police station now. Aslam asks how can he arrest Arjun. Shankchurn says snake charmer sadhu’s body is found behind temple and he is taking Arjun for interrogation. He takes Arjun throwing bike key in air. Sadiq chacha catches key.

Shankchurn stops car midmay. Arjun says he was taking him to police station, then why did he stop here. He knows he is a snake and not human. Shankchurn says he knows. Arjun says he knows there is one more lady and asks what they need. Shankchurn says what else. Arjun says if he will know who killed his badi maa, he will not spare that person. Their argument continues…

Precap: Shankchurn warns Arjun to go and try to save his family instead of holding his collar. Arjun rushes to house and sees all family members unconscious on floor, shouts where is Chutki.

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