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Arjun meets Sarpacharya and breaks his meditation. Sarpacharya scolds him for beraking hismeditation and asks how did he come here. He says he heard that you will be under water meditating when you are not at temple, so he came here. Sarpacharya asks why he came here. He says he saw snakes turning human and killing Amroli people, he wants protect Amroli people. Sarpacharya gives his holy necklace and says it will show him people’s real face and he will identify who is snake and who is human. Arjun thanks and leaves. Sarpachyara thinks this necklace will show him a lot and he has to be ready.

Arjun walks on Amroli roads wearing necklace and sees many snakes in human form. He thinks so many snakes have mingled with normal people. Three snakes walk into jungle. Arjun follows them

and asks who are they, why they have come to Amroli, he will kill them if the dont. One of them tries to attack Arjun, but another stops and says mahabali ordered to stay away from Arjun. Arjun asks who is mahabali, where is he, attacks them and they run.

Nag sainiks complain Astika against Arjun. Astika scolds Shankchurn, Mohini, Nagmaya that he warned them to not provoked Arjun, but they used Noorie as weapon against Arjun, Arjun killed nag sainiks. Shankchurn says he is taking Arjun’s side instead of punishing him, he is afraid of Arjun now. Astika asks him to go back to naglog with Mohini, else he knows what he can do even without powers, even maharaj takshak will support him. Once he leaves, Nagmaya tells Shankchurn that she warned him already, they should return back to naglog. Shankchurn says it is better to kill Astika now. Mohini asks what about Arjun. He says Arjun’s powers will destroy him now.

Arjun finds nag sainik and kills him. Shankchurn comes and asks how he is identifying nag sainiks, who are helping him, then says because of him he got engaged to Noorie, he should attend marriage. Arjun says he will kill all his nag sainks and then willnkchz kill him if he does not run from here. Shankchurn says he would have gone long ago, but he cannot without orders. Arjun asks who is it. Shankchurn turns into snake and runs.

Arjun sees nag sainiks getting into car and follows them. They reach Astika’s house. He follows them and then climbs pillar and reaches first floor via window. He then walks in and sees many nag sainiks and even Shankchurn there. Shankchurn sees Arjun there and signals nagmaya. He tells he does not want to trouble Arjun, but he is killing all nag sainiks, how can he go back to naglog, he is a soldier and his son. Arjun is shocked ot see Astika as mahabali. Astika walks among them. Shankchurn signals nagmaya that their work is done. Arjun reminisces speaking to Rajveer/Shankchurn and telling he does not know who Rajveer is, he should forget about ichadhari nag, else he will harm someone else along with him.

Tina comes searching Arjun. He hears her voice and jumps from first floor. Tina asks how did jump from such a distance, if he is a super hero. He shuts her mouth and takes he from there.

Astika says Shankchurn and nagmaya that he heard their plea and if he feels it is worthy, he will agree to it, but for now they should return back to naglok. Shankchurn asks why should he go, Arjun is destroying everything with nagmani. Astika says only half human can possess nagmani. Shankchurn says he does not believe in this, he is right contender of nagmani and if he gets nagmani, he will make 3 worlds fall on their feet. Astika says wars are not won with just words. Shankchurn tells he will inform Arjun who his mother was and who killed her.

Precap: Shankchurn tells Arjun that he is just a target. Arjun says he is not. Shankchurn says his father is Mahabali Astika, so they are brothers. Arjun is shocked.

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  1. at least he came to know the reality but will he elieve?and it’s so much dragging

  2. Nalini Persad

    I think that the pace of this show is good as it builds up systematically, introducing the varioys elements of the story. It keeps up the necessary suspense, and the events shown are prety crisp and to the point. I have done a good bit of research on the topic and so it is best to hold your breath and enjoy the suspense. It is a good tale and told quite well.

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