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Naagarjun 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aslam tells Yashoda that Vartak snake sacrificed his life for him and Arjun. Arjun comes and fumes seeing Vartak’s dead body. He says Shankchurn is behind all this and he will not spare Shankchurn. Aslam tells Yashoda that Arjun went to confront Shankchurn angrily. Yashoda says they have to stop him.

Shankchurn brainwashes Amroli people that he thinks rakshas is still alive and they should be alert and kill Rakshas wherever they see him. Arjun comes there. Mohini provokes people that Arjun is Rakshas and to kill him. People throws stones on Arjun. Arjun says he is not rakhas and need to speak. Yashoda interferes and stone hits her. Arjun shouts to stop. People yell if Yashoda had killed Arjun in childhood, he would not have killed people. Yashoda says if they think Arjun

is risk for Amroli, he will leave Amroli right now. Arjun says what is she telling, Amroli is his home. She says she does not know anything, if he wants too see her alive, he has to live Amroli. Shakchurn and Mohini smirk standing aside. Arjun angrily looks at them.

In naglok, Astika practices fight with soldiers and overpowers them all. Shankchurn comes. Astika sends soldiers and giving sword to shankchurn says he has forgotten to use sword. Shanckhurn says he is using his brain to win than sword. Astika says word game is played by cowards and let us see who will win. Their fight starts. Shankchurn attack, but Astika owerpowers him and repeatedly defeats him. Shankchurn fumes. Astika says intelligence does not work in fight and power works most. Shankchurn says he is using his power somewhere else and will get nagmani. Astika says he cannot change fate and his words don’t work, he should practice than just mouthing words. Urmi listens their conversation hiding.

Astika goes to his cave and cries why mom separated him from her, what is his mistake if he is a snake, why did mom do this to me.

Shankchurn meets criminals and asks why did they call him here. Criminals ask him to take 10 lakhs and leave their gang member. Shankchurn says he will if they do this work and ask to get into a school bus at 10 a.m. tomorrow and kill all school children.

Yashoda gets Chutki ready and wait for school bus. Chutki asks if she is remembering bhaiya. She says nothing and says papa will come and pick her in the evening. Bus comes and Chutki gets into bus and leaves. Goon as driver smirks and leaves. Yashoda thinks everyday there is different driver, today its a new one.

A moving plant revolves around Arjun and ties him. Goons take school bus in a wrong way. Teacher says this is wrong way and asks to change route. Goon takes out gun and frightens to sit quietly. Teacher asks who are they and what they need. Goon hits he and shouts to shut up.

Maheshar and Yashoda watch news and see Chutki’s bus being kidnapped by goons and shows vidoe footage. Yashoda identifies goon as bus driver and panics. She says they should go to school right now.

Arjun frees himself and realizes Urmi was the plant instead. Urmi says she is very soft and he needs to be careful. He asks why did she come here. She says to inform him that Shankchurn has planned something new against him and tells his plan. Ajrun fumes that if something happens to his sister, he will not spare Shankchurn. Urmi asks his mother prmised not to enter Amroli, how will he go there.

Precap: Amroli people request police to save their child. Yashoda comes to Arjun’s cave and requests him to save Amroli’s children. Bus slips from cliff. Arjun reaches there to save children.

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