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Rajveer/Shankchurn orders Aslam to get holy ash and flush it in wash basin. Aslam tries to walk near him, but Rajveer warns him that he will lose his father. Aslam flushes ash in wash basin and says he did what he said, he should tell where his father then. Rajveer says he finished his work so easily, he will not tell Arjun that his best friend has become his enemy’s best friend now. Aslam cries. Rajveer says his father must have gone for a walk and if not found, he can come to police station and complain, but hey may not be able to help him as it is his engagement with Noorie today. Aslam cries murmuring Arjun forgive me.

Engagement party starts. Noorie cries in front of her parent’s photos. Rajveer says SP would have shot him as he cannot see his daughter crying. She

asks where is mom. He says mom took an oath to pray in temple whole day on his engagement day. Arjun comes and standing near door sadly watches them exchanging rings. Noorie reminisces throwing Arjun’s locket. Rajveer smirks thinking this ring will break down Arjun and Noorie is his biggest weapon. He touches Noorie’s china and touches her shoulder. Arjun fumes seeing this.

Arjun in his room sadly walks. Tina to cheer him up says that he gets tensed with small problems. He says she will realize how he is feeling if she also loses her love. Tina says he is right, she does not know what he is feeling. Yashoda comes and tries to cheer him up. He says Noorie is in trouble because of him, she is marrying a snake. Mom says he has to decide how much trouble Noorie is in. He asks what she means. Tina says aunty means he should not give up and fight. She gives their childhood example. Yashoda says he is her son and should not accept defeat.

Rajveer goes to Noorie’s room, sees her sleeping and leans behind her. He sees ring in her hand instead of finger and she murmuring Arjun’s name in sleep. He angrily keeps ring back and leaves.

In the morning, Arjun walks with Tina and asks if she is sure. Tina says she has researched and heard people telling snakes are seen around temple. He asks how will they identify snake. He sees sarp rakshak suspiciously looking at a playing boy and following him. He follows them into jungle. Sarp rakshak turns into snake and crawls towards boy to bite hime when Arjun in split seconds catches snake and leaves. He strangulates sarp rakshak and says he knows they have a team and he will kill them all. Another snake catches Arjun and he beats them both. They both turn into snake and escape. Tina watches this and stands shocked. Arjun says she should not be shocked as many snakes like this are roaming sa human. She says she is surprised and not shocked, he is a super hero. He asks to stop joking, it is a question of Amroli’s people’s lives. She asks how will they know who is snake and who is human. Arjun says he knows who can help them, asks her to go home, and runs from there in lightning speed. Tina is surprised.

Arjun runs on cliff and jumps into water. He swims down water water bed and sees sarpacharya meditating there. He apologies him for breaking his meditation.

Precap: Sarpa charya gives holy necklace to Arjun and says if he wears this, he can distinguish between snakes and human. Arjun catches sarp rakshak and kills him. Rajveer asks how is he identifying sarp rakshak. Arjun says he will kill his whole army and asks who is giving them orders. Rajveer signals at Astika, meets Astika and tells him that his human son should know who his mother was and who killed her.

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