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Arjun shatteres seeing Noorie’s dead body and reminisces their love for each other, their nok jhok, their marriage, etc. Astika says this must be Maskini’s black magic. Shankchurn says must be, there are many injury marks on her body. Cheemi says she is tortured a lot. Astika sees snake tattoo on Noorie’s hand and says this is naglok’s royal family’s mark, there is something wrong and he has to do shani pooja to know the truth. Shankchurn says he should as even he wants to know the truth.

Astika starts meditating. Maskini watches via super powers and yells that Astika fails her plans always. Nooie’s body turns into Mohini’s dead body. Shankchurn looks in a shock, reminisces how much his mom loves him and shouts he will not spare Maskini.

Maskini on the other side says Mohini was a betrayer and wanted to use her to make Shankchurn nagarjun. Shankchurn leaves shouting at Maskini. Astika says he fears his anger will burn everything, Maskini should not have done this.

Maskini laughs that Shankchurn is not that powerful and Maya/Loka are enough to tackle him. Astika and Arjun pray and Mohini’s dead body evaporates. Astika thinks Maskini will pay for it.

Yashhoda requests Maskini to kill even her. Maskini says it is her revenge and she will decide whom to keep and whom to kill. Noorie is thorwn back in jail. She calls Arjun and asks to take her from here, she know he will come and save everyone. She reminisces him and says she knows he will face all the difficulties and will take her from here. She falls asleep.

While walking, Cheemi starts shouting in pain and says some poisonous creature bit her. Astika says he does not see any creature around. Arjun asks how to cure her. She says jingaru leave and shows plant. Arjun gets leave and she keeps it on her wound. Astika says let us go, they have to reach before moonga parv.

Ajgar enters Noorie’s cell and thinks with beauty, she should have intelligence also. If she had cooperated with him, she would have been on silk bed instead of stone. He touches her body. Noorie wakes up and shouts to stay away, she is nagarjun’s wife. He says only his and Maskini’s powers work here and Arjun will die. Noorie says he does not know Arjun’s powers. He tortures her and she shouts. Maskini says Noorie is alive and Arjun will see her revenge now. Maya/Loka brings Shanchurn captured in a bottle. Maskini says his foolishness made him a tiny snake from a powerful snake. She remembers him and his mother killing her mother. Now he will not be able to become human again until she wants him to and he will be brought out on moonga parv. She orders to take his away and thinks fool Cheemi told Arjun and Astika about moonga parv and she has to kill them before they come here.

Cheemi acts as in severe pain and limps. Arjun holds her neck and says she is doing this purposefully to delay their journey. She says she is not actinng and really a poisonous creature bit her. Astika says their motto is more important than her so she should walk with them fast. She says she will take them to maskini’s place by second half of night if they don’t doubt her. Arjun says if he fails in his motto or does not reach Maskini on time, he will kill her.

Precap: Arjun strangulates Cheemi again and says he will spare her if she shows Maskini’s place. She says only Maskini knows it. Maskini tells Noorie that she has decided not to kill Arjun. Noorie asks if she can meet Arjun. Maskini laughs.

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