Naagarjun 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohini sees inceased llssecurity searching to catch them and scolds Shankchurn that because of him, she has to hide from soldiers who could not dare to raise their heads in front of her. She says it is better than bending their heads in front of Arjun, at least he wiill die rather than obeying Arjun.

Urmi guides Arjun through panch chakra. She shows a brigh light and says this is shivji’s halahal. Arjun says this must be the poision which Shivji consumed. He says he will pass through it.

Doc sees glowing marks on Noorie’s hands and tells Yashoda that he did not see anything like this in his medical career, this girl is weird. Yashoda thinks Arjun must be knowing about it, but where is he.

Astika pleads Takshak to forgive Shankchurn as he is his legal heir and

is helpful for naglok. Takshak says mistake is a mistake and he wants him to punish his son. Mohini and Shankchurn walk through a secret route to escape. Astiika catches them with soldiers and if Shankchurn knows his punishment. Takshak comes and says death sentence, but he promised his daughter that he will not kill her son in naglok, so Astika should take his son Shankchurn out of naglok and handle him.

Arjun and Urmi walk through bushes and Urmi feels poison in bushes and warns Arjun. They are trapped between walls. Urmi says one wall is duplicate here. Arjun hears halahal sound from one wall and says there is no wall here. Urmi says there are many traps here and they need to be careful.

Tina hiding from Astika’s soldiers walks near freezed Vasuki again and looking at a meditation book removes knife behind his back. He unfreezes and asks Tina how come she is here. Tina says Arjun is in trouble and he has to help him.

A shrub traps Urmi’s leg and Arjun tries to free her unsuccessfully. Urmi says only solution is halahal, if he can relive after drinking it, all these problems will vanish, even gods are afraid of drinking it, how will he. He asks her to wait and runs toward halahal, finds a deep well in between. He kicks wall angrily and a road creates. He runs on it and reaches halahal bowl. He drinks it. Urmi’s leg is freed. Yashoda on the other side sees mark vanishing from Nooorie’s hand and prays god to protect her. Poison spread in Arjun’s whole body and he shouts in pain and falls unconscious.

Precap: Urmi tells Arjun tha the has to go foward without her and gives him spearhead. Arjun sees Maheshwar who asks to kill him.

Update Credit to: MA

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