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Naagarjun 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maskini asks as snake tries to bite Arjun’s cousin. Arjun holds her neck and order her to show her human form, else he will kill her as snake itself. Kaal bhairav emerges and beats Arjun’s cousin. Cousin asks Arjun not to worry about him and to kill Maskini. Arjun throws Maskini and fights with Kaal bhairav. Kaal bhairav disappears. Arjun rushes to his cousin and walks with holding him.

Maskini coughs due to Arjun strangulating her neck and thinks she did not feel such pain in life till now, Arjun is very powerful. She thinks how to read Arjun’s mind. She calls rishi Katya and greets him. Katya says she needs something, so she is greeting him. She says just like he read her mind, how can she read Arjun’s mind. Katya says it is difficult to read human’s

mind when he is in love. She says she will kill Arjun’s love then. He says she does not need to kill Noorie, she can take Noorie’s form and marry Arjun and once with 7 pheras, she will be with Arjun for 7 lives. Maskini asks Katya to give her powers to change as Noorie. He gives her a bangle and ask her to understand Noorie’s emotions and then become Noorie. She says she willl take Arjun to her world after marrying him.

Arjun at home discusses with Tina and Aslam that Maskini escaped, he does not know how she looks as human. They both say they need to find it out soon. Guruji comes and Arjun introduces him as one Baba sent. Guruji says he does not need Arjun and Noorie’s kundalis and will find out the best muhurath. He says after 5 days, it is most auspicious muhurath. Family gets happy while Maskini smirks and thinks she will change this happy moment into sorrow, she will kill and dissappear Noorie’s body and wil marry Arjun as Noorie.

Tina says Noorie she will sleep with her. Aslam asks if she does not want Arjun and Noorie to romance before marriage. Yashoda comes and says Aslam and Arjun will sleep in one room and Tina/Noorie in another room. Arjun and Noorie smile at each other. Maskini watches them carefully. She looks at Katya rishi’s given bangle and thinks he told she has to think of the person’s feeling of which she wants to change form, thinks Noorie wants to get closer to Arjun and wears it reminiscing Arjun. She changes into Noorie and praises Katya that he made Maskini as Noorie. She then goes to Noorie’s room. Noorie is shocked to see her replica and asks who is she. Maskini asks if she cannot identify herself. She makes Tina unconscious and then Noorie with her powers and thinks Noorie is not needed her, let her sleep for sometime. She pulls Noorie under bed. Arjun comes near window and asks what is she hiding. She says a secret and asks him to go now, else aunt will see. He says she messaged and called him. He says to see him and closes door. Arjun leaves thinking girls are weird. Maskini relaxes and thinks she escaped somehow and thinks she has to take Noorie from here before sunset. She searches cupboard for suitcase and finds one outside on another cupboard. She takes it in and locks Noorie into it and says she will take Noorie to her house and then kaal bhairav will take her to their world. Yashoda comes there and Maskini gets tensed.

Precap: Aslam carries suitcase and asks Maskini/Noorie what did she stuff in it. She sees Noorie’s hair out of suitcase and gets afraid.

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