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Guruji says Arjun’s family he will start havan now, they all should close eyes and listen. Arjun gets afraid seeing fire. Asthika’s soldier leave Shastri nivas and go back to Astika who asks them to not go near Shastri nivas as havan’s mantras are harmful to them. Soldiers leave. Vasuki tells Astika he saved his soldiers, but what about Arjun, even he will die hearingmantras and with him nagmani will be destroyed, he should save Arjun from destroying. Astika smiles and says he knows what to do and will not reveal his plans.

Guruji chants mantra. Arjun feels uneasy hearing mantras. His eyes turn snake eyes and he starts choking. Chutki looks at him and he asks her to close eyes. He starts feeling severe pain.

Vasuki prays Mahadev to protect Arjun. Arjun’s

body and nose starts bleeding. He tries to get up, but cannot. He with geat difficulty drags himself away and crwals with hands outside home while guruji continues chanting mantras. He then falls on cot and shouts in severe pain. Vasuki watches it with superpowers and advises Arjun to use all his powers and run from there. Arjun thinks why is his head paining. Astika says Vasuki let him stay there for sometime and feel the pain which every snake goes through hearing yagna mantras. Vasuki says he is a child and cannot tolerate yagna mantras like them, he should save Arjun. Astika says every child grows and it is time for Arjun to grow and become Nagarjun. Guruji says with this mantra all snakes will run away and whoever stays will destroy. He gets some ash and puts it in havan. Arjun falls unconscious.

Guruji gathers havan ash after completing havan and gives it to Maheshwar and says all snakes ran away from here or destroyed, asks Maheshwar to throw this ash all around house, it will act as laxman rekha with which no snake will come in and this house will be snake free always. Chutki sees Arjun missing and thinks where did he go. She calls Arjun. Nephew comments that coward must have hidden fearing fire. Chutki says her brother is not coward and searches him whle house. Guruji asks where is Arjun. Maheshwar says he is a bit shy and must be somewhere around, he is surprised that he arranged this yagna. Yashoda says her son is very courageous. Guruji leaves. Maheshwar says Arjun arranged havan and went out himself. Aunt asks him to first spray ash on the place where she first saw snake. Chutki finds Arjun outside on floor and calls Yashoda. Yashoda with whole famil runs out and gets Arjun in.

Shankchurn orders 2 officers to spy Arjun and inform him whenever Noorie meets him. He sees Mohini under his table, sends officers out, and asks what is she doing here, if someone sees them, they will be in trouble. Mohini says she came to alert him about sunset, he has to get human blood soon before his human body collapses. He looks at his weak hand and sunset outside.

Precap: Arjun holds Shankchurn’s collar and warns him to dare not take Noorie’s name from his dirty mouth. Shankchurn says he is marrying Noorie and nobody can stop him. He is seen doing pheras with Noorie and then biting her neck.

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