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Naagarjun 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Astika asks Shankchurn and Cheemi to walk ahead to know what is in their mind. They hear Cheemi’s inner voice that she wants Arjun and Astika to be submitted to Maskini, she is attracted to Astika. Shankchurn’s inner voice tells that he does not hate his father and brother and wants to help his brother. Arjun says even he wants them to hear his inner voice and his inner voice says he wants to get his family and Amroli people from here. Cheemi and Shankchurn think how their lie is spoken as truth. Maskini watches them with her super powers and thinks she did this as nothing can happen without her wish in her world. She wants to know how Astia broke hypnotism though.

Noorie is brought to Maskini’s courtyard. Ajgar says she is looking like an angel and tells Noorie

that she is the first human whom he spit after eating, he gave her new life and she should obey him. He orders to dance. She dances on Saanson ki maala pe….song…. Ajgar gets mesmerized with herbeauty. Yashoda and Maheshwar cry seeing this.

Tina and Aditya run to escape form zombies and hide. Tina says she they will find a way for sure and reads book. Aditya tries to snatch book and tears page. Tina says she cannot read it now. Aditya says there is no time to read and let us run from here. They see a sword on floor. Aditya tries to pick it. Tina asks him to be careful and picks it and says it is very sharp, must be some warrior’s. Aditya asks where is the warrior then. Ajgar asks Noorie to dance on music and laughs. Maskini comes and shouts to stop music, it is time to punish Noorie. Noorie tries to stab Ajgar, but Ajgar snatches knife. Maskini says human are betrayers. Ajgar says she is right, now he will not mind if she kills Noorie. Maskini says she trusted these people, Yashoda and Maheshwar, but they chose Noorie instead of her, now Noorie should be punished. Ajgar tortures Noorie and Maskini smirks. Noorie calls Arjun for help.

Arjun, Astika, Shankchurn and Cheemi continue to walk. Cheemi picks a leave and says this has bat sign and it is a sign that Maskini world people’s powers will increase. Shankchurn says they have to reach Maskini and kill her soon. A bright light emerges and they see Maheshwar and Yashoda being tortured by Maskini’s soldiers. Arjun shouts at Maskini. Arjun says he will kill her if she tortures her parents. Maskini says soon she will meet him. Arjun shouts what did his parents do to her. Maskini asks what did she do to him that he insulted her so much, her mistake was she loved him. Arjun throws powers unsuccessfully. Maskini laughs that only her powers work in her world and asks Maya and Loka to send gift to Arjun.

Arjun fumes tha the would have killed Maskini on marriage day itself. A box falls down. Maskini speaks to open her gift smiling. Arjun opens gift and shatters seeing Noorie’s body. Even Astika and Shankchurn are shocked.

Precap: Cheemi pleads Maskini to save her from Arjun. Astika strangulates Cheemi and Cheemi pleads to spare her, she cannot go against Maskini. He says she does not know who he is.

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