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Rajveer tells Arjun that he is taking Noorie. Arjun asks him to stop his drama. Rajveer says he is making drama instead and is just dreaming. Tina asks Arjun what is Rajveer telling. Maheshwar and Yashoda reach there and silently throw havan ash on Rajveer. He starts shouting with burning pain. Arjun picks Noorie and runs from there with Tina. Rajveer turns into snake and Mohini asks him to get into water soon. After he gets well, he asks Mohini what was that. Mohini reminisces seeing havan ash in Arjun’s house and reminds him. He says even Arjun’s parents are helping him, he will kill even them. Mohini says he should. Rajveer says he will send Arjun and his family to their final destiny.

Arjun gets gift for Chutki. Chutki thanks him and asks what is in it. He says

toy. She says she is not a kid now. Maheshwar and Yashoda smile while playing chess. Rajveer comes with his team and asks where is Noorie. Arjun asks how does he know. Rajveer asks his team to search whole house. Arjun says Rajveer he is frustrated. Rajveer questions Chutki and she gives him witty answer. Arjun laughs on Rajveer. Yashoda brings havan ash and tells him she will smear it on his forehead. Rajveer starts coughing and walks out.

Arjun comes out and asks if he got afraid from his mother. Rajveer says no. Arjun says he should not be. Their conversation continues. Rajveer challenges him that tomorrow is his engagement with Noorie and he will take away Noorie in front of his eyes. Arjun says let us see. Rajveer thinks Arjun thinks noorie is with him, but he does not know his puppet Tina is in Arjun’s team. Tina is seen looking at unconscious Noorie.

Maheshwar scolds Arjun for kindapping Noorie. Yashoda takes Arjun’s side. Arjun says he does not know anything, his prime motto is save Noorie from Rajveer and Mohini. He reaches his hideout where he has kept Noorie. Tina thinks someone has come and tries to attack, but he stops her. She sees food and tries to eat. He says it is for Noorie and she can go and have at home. She says noorie is sleeping and will not wake up till morning. He asks what did she do to noorie. She says Noorie woke up and was trying to escape, so she smelled her chloroform again. He asks her to go home and have food. He then frees Noorie’s hand and emotinoally cries that he does not want ot hurt her.

In the morning, Noorie wakes up and tries to escape. Arjun stops her and she shouts to stay away from her, he killed her papa. He says Rajveer and Mohini are snakes and they killed her papa. She says he is snake and wants to kill even her, let her go. He shouts to shut up, Rajveer showed him future in which he kills her after marriavge. Noorie shouts let her go. Arjun pushes her on floor and warns her to stay here and goes out. Tina comes and asks if his love woke up. He says yes and he thinks Rajveer is right, more days he keeps Noorie here, she will lean towards Rajveer and hate him. He will expose Rajveer in front of Noorie. She asks how. He says holy ash.

Precap: Arjun spreads holy ash sarp rakshak vibhuti cicle around Noorie and says Rajveer will dare not cross this circle and if he crosses, he will burn.

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