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Shankchurn looking at Takshak’s soldiers thinks they must have been hawks in previous life, it is difficult to steal things in front of them. He walks towards Takshak’s room and soldiers stop him. He says he got Takshak’s orders and if they disobey him, they have to feel dire consequences. They ask what they should do. He says they know Takshak has kept human Noorie’s soul in this room and his step brother Arjun loves Noorie, so Takshak asked him to go and free Noorie’s soul. They all 3 walk into room.

A small sainik tells Arjun that she can take him till Noorie’s soul and after that, he has to save her. He thanks for her help. Astika stops him and asks why did he leave without his permission. Arjun thanks for his help and says he came here

to free Noorie’s soul and not to become yuvraj here. Astika says he will help him and asks his aides to inform Takshak’s sainiks that he is coming.

Shankchurn gets into Takshak’s room and asks sainiks where is Noorie’s soul. They get Noorie’s soul. Astika’s sainik comes and asks why he took Noorie’s soul without Takshak’s permissionn. Shankchurn kills all of them except one and asks a way to escape from here. He shows a crack and Shankchurn escapes. Arjun comes with Astika and notices it and tries to stop Shankchurn, but Astika stops him and says Shankchurn his brother and he should not fight with him. Arjun says Noorie is part of his family and whoever troubles his family, he will not spare them. He sees Nagmaya, strangulates her neck and asks where did Shanckhurn take Noorie’s soul. She pleads to spare her. Astika signals to tell her where Shankchurn went. Nagmaya says he went to hide Noorie’s soul in panch maha chakra and only one snake Divru knows to create that chakra. He asks where is Divru and his place. She gives him a timer and asks him to take along him, whever this timer glows, it means pancha chakra is activated.

Mohini takes shankchurn to meet Divru who knows to create panch maha chakra. Divru says once someone gets into chakra, they cannot get back. Mohini says she is maharaj Takshak’s daughter and Shankchurn is grandson, so he has to obey their orders. He warns that once soul is caught in chakra it cannot come out in life and whoever tries to get it out will also die. Shankchurn smirks and thinks Arjun will die trying to enter chakra.

Tina comes to Astika’s den and sees freezed Vasuki. She thinks what is he doing under ice, if he is really Arjun’s guru vasuki or a dummy. She sees knife in his back and tries to remove it, but falls down. Soldier comes and asks who is there. Tina hides.

Urmi stops Arjun and says he will die if he tries to enter panch maha chakra. He says he can die for Noorie. She asks if he dies, how will get Noorie’s soul out, he should think calmly. She takes him and shows a route where panch maha chakra is. He says he cannot see. She says it is not necessary to see them and asks to move ahead.

Divru comes to meet Takshak. Takshak says he came into Shankchurn’s words and got fooed by him, says Arjun will try to break chakravyuh and once he frees Noorie’s soul, he should capture Arjun’s soul. Divru says as he orders and leaves. Takshak thinks once Arjun’s soul is captured, he will be made most cruel snake and use him to destroy humanity.

Precap: Tina removes knife from Vasuki’s back and unfreezes him. He checks tatoo on Noorie’s hand and says Arjun is in naglok. Takshak tells Astika that Arjun tried to play with naglog’s future.

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