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Naagarjun 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yashoda is about to telll truth to Noorie when Mohini comes in snake form and standing bbehind Noorie frightens Yashoda. Yashoda stops. Noorie asks Yashoda what she wants to tell. Mohini says she was passing by and thought of picking her. Noorie asks her to go, she will come. Mohini says they have a lot of arrangements to be made, so they should go. Yashoda asks Noorie to go. Noorie leaves. Aslam hears their conversation and thinks of informing Arjun that Noorie is marrying Rajveer.

Arjun sits in jungle and reminisces Yashoda’s words. A snake comes and addressing Arjun as maharaj asks if he has to order anything. Arjun says no, he wants to be alone. Snake thinks Astika ordered him to guard Arjun, so he will go and guard outside. Aslam comes searching Arjun and snake

stops him. Aslam gets afraid.

Shankchurn asks Mohini why did she arrange his marriage with Noorie. Mohini says his nagmani is with Arjun and Arjun’s Noorie is with him. Once Arjun will know that he is marrying Noorie, he will come here, she will tell him what to do next then.

Snake is about to bite Aslam when Arjun stops snake and says Aslam is his friend. Snake takes human form and apologizes. Aslam runs behind Arjun and tells Noorie is marrying Shankchurn and he has to save her. Arjun fumes, he gets shirtless.

Noorie gets ready as bride and thinks she is marrying Rajveer and should forget Arjun. She hears song Ranjha ranjha….again and gets hypnotized again. Arjun calls him to come to him. She walks. Shankchurn watches her going and asks Mohini where is Noorie going. Mohini says to Arjun, it is right time to attack Arjun. Hynotized Norie walks through market clashing with people on the way. Arjun sits in meditation. Aslam asks what is he doing. Snake asks not to disturb maharaj’s meditation. Aslam says he is my friend. Snake says he is our maharaj.

Shankchurn/Rajveer gathers Amroli people and brainwashes against Arjun that Arjun did black magic on his fiance Noorie and she left home, he may harm even their girls. People start searching Arjun.

Noorie walks to Arjun’s place. Salam is surprised and asks how did Noorie come here. Snake says maharaj can make anything possible. Arjun tells Noorie that he wants to ttell her truth and says he is out of her life now and even Rajveer is a snake who is using her to take revenge with him. He walks near her. Snake takes Aslam from there. Arjun engraves truth in Noorie’s mind. Arjun hears people coming shouting they will kill Arjun.. Shankchurn is seen coming towards cave with people and provoking people to go inside and kill Arjun. People rush in and see a big snake in front of them. They kill snake with wooden planks. Aslam gets afraid seeing this. They all walk out happily that t hey killed imposter. Aslam comes out and cries more looking at dead snake

Yashoda at home thinks Mohini will not let her meet Noorie, but Noorie should not Rajveer’s truth, she has to go and inform her truth. People come shouting and say they have killed rakshas who came as Arjun. He kidnapped Arjun and saved Noorie on time. Yashoda says her Arjun cannot do wrong with any girl. People says they saw from their eyes. Yashoda shouts why did they kill her son. People say he was snake and not her son. She asks where is her son. They say jungle. Yashoda rushes to jungle and calls Arjun. She is shocked seeing Aslam in front of a snake. She cries that they killed her son, her son cannot die as he is very powerful. Aslam says Arjun is alive, she is right, nobody can kill Arjun. He reminisces Arjun’s guard snake being killed. Yashoda happily cries that her son is alive, but what about people. Aslam says people saw what Arjun showed them. He reminisces snake Vartak sending Arjun and Noorie and coming in front of people as snake. Arjun takes Noorie to her house and makes her sleep on her bed. He holds her hand and thinks it is enough now, Rajveer crossed his limits and now he will get Rajveer’s truth in front of everyone.

Precap: Shankchurn orders his goons to kill student’s bus in which Chutki is traveling. Arjun fumes if something happens to his sister, he will not spare Shankchurn.

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