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Takshak tells Mohini that everything is happening according to her wish, if she is happy now. She says everything is not happening according to her wish, many years ago, he let Astika marry human Pranali to get a half human and half nag warrior, she wants a permission from him to send Shankchurn to earth and bring mani.

SP comes to Noorie’s room and shouts why is she not aswering him. She says his constables will answer is questions in police statino and not her. He says even in his home, his orders work. She says not in her room. He shouts what is this misbehavior. She says she is soffocating in his home. He tries to slap but stops. She says why did he stop, he should kill her. He says it is not her, that mechanic Arjun is speaking. She says it is not about Arjun. He shouts he

knows everything and if she meets Arjun, she will repent. She picks her mom’s pic and says her dad tried to slap her again and does not want her to meet Arjun, but she will meet him at any cost.

Shankchurn touches his mother Mohini’s feet and takes her blessings before going to earth. Mohini says she is sending some soldiers with him. He asks if she considers him incompetent. She says she is not doubting his powers, else she would not have taken permission from Takshak to send him to earth, he specializes in changing form and he should use it and be around his father and watch his moves. He says he will not let nag log’s head down and leaves.

Arjun travels on his bike at midnight. He stops bike and walks into park calling Aslam. Noorie comes holding bag. He asks where is Aslam, if she asked him to cal. She says yes, she wanted to talk to him. He asks her to stop being childish, their routes are different and cannot become one, she should go home and let him go his way. She asks if he considers himself god, who gave him permission to decide about their relationship. He asks what relationship, they don’t have any relationship. She asks to take his mom’s oath and tell he does not have any feelings for her. He shouts why don’t she understand. She says it is better to leave Amroli and go far away from her papa. He says he cannot leave his parents as his real parents ransacked him in river, his adopted parents accepted him and he will always choose his family against her, she should go back home and forget him. He walks away and leaves on his while she continues calling him. She emotionally addresses her mother that Arjun is kind hearted and she can wait whole life for him, hope papa understands Arjun’s real nature. Arjun goes and sits on cliff and reminisces Noorie’s words and hislove for him.

Shankchurn looks at snake hatching out of egg and addresses that when he was born like this, his father was not present at all and even after his mother’s requests, he did not stop because of his human family and left his mother waiting for years. Though mahabali is father of 3 worlds, he does not consider him as father. He says young snake that his parents were Asthika’s soldiers and were killed serving him. He will take revenge by killing Asthika’s human son, even he will get a chance to take his parent’s revenge. Even mahabali Astika canot save his human son now.

Police officer travels in car towards Amroli and speaks over phone to his mother that he could not meet him as he got transferred to Amroli. He sees nake in the middle of road and stops. Snake turns into Shankchurn. Officer gets afraid and picks gun. Shankchurn strangulates and kills him with poison.

Arjun sitting at cliff reminisces time spent with Noorie and his love for her. A romantic song plays in the background..He then reminisces scolding her.

Astika’s soldier tells him that Arjun as special powers and sucked poison from his mouth, he is not a common man. Astika says he is Vasuki, he will attack Vasuki and he has to come in his real form.

Precap: Asthika attacks and injures Arjun to call Vasuki. Vasuki comes and says he should not have attacked this boy and makes his many replicas.

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  1. thanks for the update MA and what will happen totally sad and confused will mahabli came to know that he is his son it’s 50 to 80% possible but what will happen to the love story did his reality make his love story impossible? and what will happen with his family?

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