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Snake charmer sadhu continues playing been. Arjun hypnotized with been sound walks towards him. Chutki comes and stops him. He gets conscious with her shake and finds himself in temple. Sadhu says today with havan he will kill all snakes and kills Astika’s snakes with magical ash. Ash falls on Arjun, and he feels pain. Snake bitten boy wakes up. His mother thanks snake charmer. Sadhu says she should thank god Mahadev and leaves. Arjun asks Chutki what is she doing here. She says she came to temple with mom and mom is buying prasad. He says even he came to temple and asks what happened some time ago. She says if he is fool or act as one, a boy was bitten by snake and sadhu relived boy and destroyed snakes with ash.

Arjun says let us take baba’s blessings and takes

Chutki to baba. He touches baba’s feet and asks how did he destroy so many snakes. Sadhu says it is god’s grace and nothing else. Arjun says somany snakes are troubling Amroli and some even tried to harm his family and Chutki, even he got bitten by snake but nothing happened to him, he should help his family. Sadhu says he does not have so much powers like he thinks. Arjun says he wants to learn this knowledge. Sadhu says it is an age old knowledge passing on from mahabharath times. Chutki says even she wants to learn this superman type super knowledge. He starts story that Pandav’s grandson Parikshit was cursed to be bitten by naglok’s most powerful snake Takshak and he was bitten. Takshak wanted to take revenge from Pandavs for setting fire in khandavprast. Raja Parishkit’s son Janmejay wanted to take revenge and gathered all dwapar yug’s yogi’s and did havan with which all snakes dropped in havan. janmejay wanted to kill Takshak and continued yagna for 12 hours. Takshak pleaded Indra for help and Indra agreed to help. Astika went to Janmejai as brahmin and asked to stop yagna as his father’s death via Takshak was a fate and Janmejai should stop taking sin of killing nags. Janmejai agreed and in this age, people celebrate that moment as nag panchami. He learnt only few mantras via his guru Vasuki and nobody can do this yagna than him. Arjun says there must be someone who can help him. Sadhu says there is a nagnath temple 50 km away and its disciple mahan guru 1008 Sarpacharya ji can help him. Arjun says he heard about this temple but has not gone there yet. Sadhu says he should meet guruji and request for help. Chutki asks what will happen with this yagna. Sadhu says all snakes in house will die and with yagna’s ash around house, snakes cannot enter house. Arjun asks Chutki to go home while he will go to nagnath mandir. He asks Sadhu if snakes can take human form. Sadhu says icchadhari nags can take any form. Arjun reminisces Shankchurn and Mohini. He says it looks like a dream and unbelievable. Sadhu says he should believe only in Ishwari, only ishwari is truth. Arjun thanks him and leaves.

Sadhu with his super powers sees Arjun’s birth and events thereafter and realizes that Vasuki was telling about him and he is Astika’s human son, with yagna, he will also die, he should stop him. He calls Arjun , but people surround him. He then goes in search of Arjun. Asthika comes and strangulates his neck. He asks Astika how come he is here. Astika says he killed his many obedient soldiers and now will not be able to kill anyone. He hits Sadhu and spreads his poison in air. Sadhu apologizes Vasuki for sending Arjun in death trap and dies chanting shiv mantras.

Arjun brings guru Sarpacharya ji home and tells family he is nagnath mandir maha guru and will help us get rid of snakes via havan. Guruji says with yagna, snakes will run away and if not will be killed. Sadhu starts yagna next day. Aunt comments guruji will protect them from snakes but what about Arjun. Guruji asks Arjun to sit in front of him. Yashoda says he is afriad of fire and asks him to sit next to him. Sadhu says with havan smoke, snakes will run or will die. Arjun gets afraid seeing fire.

Precap: Astika tells Vasuki that every child will grow and it is time for Arjun to bypass havan and become nagarjun. Arjun starts bleeding with havan smoke.

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