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Naagarjun 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun gets trapped in Maskini’s super powers. He tries to free himself to no avail. Shankchurn reaches there and frees him. Arjun relaxes. Shankchurn says he was near death, even then he is doubting him. He already told him that he is helping him and not Maskini. Arjun asks where was he. Shankchurn says it is not important. Arjun thanks him for saving his life. Shankchurn says he is his brother. they both walk towards Astika and sees him romancing Cheemi. Arjun says he cannot be mahabali. Astika says he is mahabali. Shankchurn says Mahabalil cannot do any heinous act. Astika angrily beats them both. Arjun asks what happened to you papa. Shankchurn says this is not mahabali, some black magical power He atacks Astika. Astika with close eyes beat him and Arjun again.

Arjun says he is he is Astika itself, but why is he attacking them. Shankchurn says black magic has trapped Astika and he knows Cheemi is behind it. He ties to attack Cheemi, but Astika holds them and shouts they should not have attacked Cheemi. Cheemi tells Maskini if she can see a father trying to kill his sons.

Tina and inspector Aditya continue walking in cave. Tina tells everything is written about this place in this book. Aditya says that means they should be alret. Tina chants some mantras looking into book.

Astika continues attacking Arjun and Shankchurn. Cheemi smirks. Tina continues chanting mantras and says Aditya this book is written for betterment of humanity. Astika tries to strangulate Arjun and Shankchurn and then shouts. His black magic vanishes. Cheemi asks if he is fine now. Shankchurnn says someone was controlling him. Arjun says he was attacking them both. Astika says how can he make such a big sin, he feels someone was controling him. Shankchurn says Cheemi is the one.

Maskini fumes how can Astika’s hynotism vansh, she tried to control him via Cheemi, but how did he get out of hypnotism. Ajgar comes and tells her happily that soon Noorie’s entertainment will start. Servants get Noorie ready. Noorie hides knife under her dress and thinks she will kill her enemies.

Arjun asks Cheemi that she knew about Jamunda padav. She says she did not know. Shankchurn thinks he has to prove Cheemi wrong to prove himself right and divert Astika and Arjun’s attention. He says Cheemi is Maskini’s puppet. Cheemi says she is not. Astika says they are just trying to find out reason. They all walk further. Astika says he feels his inner self is out of his body. They all hear Astika’s inner voice telling he can sacrifice his body to get justice to his son. Astika says it is his inner voice. Shankchrun tells then they will hear Cheemi’s inner voice. Astika asks Cheemi to move in front. Cheemi says she wants even Shankchurn’s truth to be out, so she wants him to come with her.

Precap: Cheemi stops Noorie’s entertainment and says it is time to punish Noorie. Noorie takes out knife and attacks Ajgar, but gets killed instead. Maskini asks servants to send this gift to Arjun. Arjun fumes seeing Noorie’s dead body.

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