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Arjun erases the truth he embedded in Noorie’s mind and leaves. Mohini comes and says Arjun was right, as a human he is fool, if he was nag, he would have been wicked and cruel like her.

Aslam informs Tina that Yashoda kicked out Arjun from home and should not have done that. Tina says even she is worried about Arjun, but is more worried about Noorie. Aslam says says he does not know where Arjun is.

Arjun sitting in jungle reminisces Yashoka kicking her out, Noorie scolding her, etc… Noorie tells Rajveer that she went out of house hearing a song and does not know what happened after that and how she came back. Rajveer asks her to stop thinking much and sleep. Mohini says she had gone out to find Arjun, but imposter attacked her. Rajveer saved her on time, else

imposter would have killed her. She had promised her papa to take care of her and is trying her best, even she should take care of herself and differentiate between good and bad. She suggests to forget Arjun and marry Rajveer. Noorie asks marriage. Mohini says this is best for her.

Yashoda gets Maheshwar calls and tells him that everything is fine. He asks about Arjun. She says even Arjun is here, how is he and when will he come back. He asks what happened to her voice. She says it is fine and disconnects call, thinks how to tell him that she kicked Arjun out of house, she just needs her son safety.

Mohini tells Rajveer it is better for him to marry Noorie to fulfill promise madde to Noorie’s papa. Rajveer acts and says she knows what Noorie is going through since some days and he does not want to force Noorie. Mohini says then they should leave this house as he and Noorie cannot stay in same house without marriage, people will tart badmouthing about them. Rajveer tells Noorie that he knows she still loves Arjun, so he does not want her to force to marry him, if she wants she can go back to Arjun. He returns engagement ring and says her life is hers and only she has right to live her life the way she likes. Noorie says it is her mistake that she does not want to accept truth and is running behind truth, she is running behind a person who betrayed her. She is ready for marriage. Rajveer says he does not want to force her. She says she has thought well. Mohini says thanks, hugs and smirks at Rajveer. Rajveer wears back ring and grins.

Yashoda reminisces Arjun’s words not to kick him out of house. Mohini comes and says she came to invite her for Rajveer and Noorie’s marriage. Yashoda is shocked. Mohini says Noorie is insisting for marriage, so she could not delay it. She hands over invitation forcefully and asks her to attend marriage for sure. Once she leaves, Noorie comes and asks where is Arjun, if he came back. Yashoda says yes. Noorie asks if he had come, why did not he meet her. Yashoda thinks that means Arjun does not want to meet Noorie for a reason, so she should hide about Arjun. Noorie asks where is Arjun. Yashoda says he is not at home and does not know where he went. Noorie says she will leave then. Yashoda says she knows she is angry on Arjun, but she should not take a decision in anger. Noorie asks what she means. Yashoda says Rajveer is… Mohini comes as snake and frightens Yashoda. Yashoda stops.

Precap: Noorie walks out of house in bridal attire. Aslam informs Arjun that Noorie is marrying Rajveer. People inform Yashoda that Arjun nag kidnapped Noorie and will kill her. Arjun fumes that Shankchurn is behind all this and she will

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