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At naglok, Shankchurn comes to Mohini and greets her. Mohini says it is time to search Mahabali Astika’s human son and his stepbrother. Shankchurn ask how she knows his stepbrother is in Amroli. She says her spies are in Astika’s army and they informed both stepbrother and Vasuk are in Amroli. He asks how will he identify his step brother. She says he has both Astika and Pranali’s powers and he can identify him with his special qualities. Shankchurn says if his stepbrother is half nag, he is full nag and more powerful than him.

Arjun comes home and sees dad repairing fan and asks what is he doing. He says he does not want to sit idle at home until his name clears from enquiry, so he is working. Arjun says he would have fixed fan and says he work extra jobs and will help

family. Dad says he is thinking like a matured man. Arjun says he does not want to be a trouble for them. Dad says he is not a trouble and is not responsible for their problems. Arjun says he is afraid. Dad says a man will be afraid when he is confused, he should be clear minded and fight his fears. Arjun emotionally hugs him. Noorie in her room misses her mother and speaks to her mother’s photo that papa is forcing his decisions on her and is confining her, why don’t he understand even she is a human.

Astika tells his soldiers that they should attack Arjun’s friend and if he is Vasuki, he will protect his friend for sure with his special powers.

Arjun and Aslam travel on bike. Aslam says he is a fool to not accept Noorie’s love and if he marries Noorie, his father will not scold him. Arjun why. Aslam says nobody will touch policeman’s son-in-law. Arjun says stop blabbering. Arjun sees a snake in the middle of road and rams his bike between tree and boulder. They see snake missing and then hearing weird sounds. Aslam says let us run from here. Snake soldiers attack Arjun and Aslam and beat Aslam. Arjun pushes nags and runs to save Aslam. He beats nags and they all fall down. He thinks what is happening to him, who are these people, who is he. One of nag attacks him, but he jumps on tree and throws him in air and continues beating other nags. He sees nags on trees and runs to save Aslam and sees him blue with snake poison. He shakes Aslam to wake up and sees snake bite on his hand. He sucks poison and his eyes turn into snake eyes. Nag soldier watches him from a distance. Aslam wakes up and aks Arjun if he is fine. Arjun says he is fine. Aslam asks who were they. Arjun says he does not know and asks if he is fine. Aslam says he is fine, why is he asking repeatedly. Arjun takes him along. Snake sees them going.

Astika comes back to naglok and greets Takshak. Mohini says welcome. He says he came ot meet Takshak. Takshak says he is losing trust on Astika. Mohini asks Astika why are Amroli people still alive. Astika says he is Takshak’s servant and will answer only him. Takshak says these are his questions. Mohini asks Astika why he is soft towards Amroli people. He says he does not kill innocent people. Mohini says human kill nags whenever they see them, then how are they innocent. She say Astika has got human qualities after meting Pranali. Astika says he will become yamraj if need be and will prepare for attack.

Precap: Astika says wherever Vasuki runs, he has to come back. He will attack Arjun and Vasuki will come running. He injures Arjun and Vasuki comes to save him.

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