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Naagarjun 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun reminisces recent events where snakes turn into Shankchurn and Mohini, trying to bite Chutki but he get bitten and poison not affecting him. Noorie comes. He asks her to go as he does not want her to be in trouble. She says he keeps his problems to himself and does not share with her. She gives he mom’s locket and says it kept her safe till now, but she feels he needs it more. Arjun says it is hers and has protected her till now, he does not need it. She says he needs it more and asks he to open it. He opens it and sees Noorie’s pic. She says whnever he will be in trouble, they both will face it together. She knows he will not accept hat he loves her. She dorns locket in his neck. He reminisces their romantic moments. She asks him to trust their love, he can fight anything

with this protection.

Shankchurn comes and says SP sent to search her and if he tells SP where she is, she will be in trouble. She says she will say bye to Sadiq chacha and come back. Shankchurn says Arjun he will not him today. Arjun asks who is he. Shankchurn shows his snake eyes and teeth and says he is snake, this is truth. Arjun says this cannot be, why he is behind his family, what he needs. Shankchurn looks at Noorie. Arjun warns her to stay away from Noorie, else he will tell his truth to Noorie. Shankchurn says he can tell right now and calls Noorie. Noorie comes and he says Arjun wants to say something. Arjun is about to speak when Shankchurn tries to bite Noorie. Arjun says thanks for locket. Noorie leaves with Shankchurn. Aslam comes and asks why did Shanchurn come here.

Astika asks Mohini to go back to naglok as her work is done. Mohini asks why is he so eager to send her back, how can he hide a secret that Arun has nagmani in him. Astika says he hhid it as he has to make Arjun a nagarjun and he does not want anybody’s interference. Maharaj Takshak wants complete nagarjun. He wants her to go back as she and Shankchurn need human blood often and even his soldiers need blood, they cannot bear Arjun’s attack. Mohini says she and Shankchurn will not go until Shankchurn gets nagmani from Arjun and become nagarjun.

A snake bites a boy in market. Boy shouts and falls down. Mother and people around run towards him and take him to temple. A sadhu comes and checks snake bite. He starts playing been. Arjun is still in garage engrasped in deep thought. Aslam asks what happened to him. Arjun hear been sound and shouts in severe headache and asks Aslam to stop this sound. Aslam asks what sound. Astika’s soldiers get hypnotized with been sound and walk towards temple, the turn into snake and enter temple. Arjun continues shouting in pain and his spine glows. He also walks towards temple. People see snake and move aside. Arjun enters temple and walks towards sadhu.

Precap: Astika orders soldiers not to guard Shastri niwas as they are performing havan and havan mantra sound is harmful to them. Vasuki says he saved his soldiers, what about Arjun, he may die hearing sound and nagmani will be destroyed with him.

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