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Naagarjun 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maskini’s monster attacks Astika and Arjun with a thunder. Astika says it is not a normal thunder, they have to escape from it. Monster thorws thunder on Cheemi and she falls down. He throws thunder on Arjun next and even Arjun falls down. Maskini laughs that she will see how Arjun and Astika will escape. Guard informs her tat her brother Ajgar and a human are fight. She fumes who dared to enter her palace. Aslam continues fighting wiht Ajgar. Ajgar turns into snake and strangulates Aslam. Aslam dies.

Astika thinks Arjun cannot bear another attack, fights with monster and kills him. Arjun wakes up and asks if he killed monster. Maskini praises Ajgar that he did a good and whoever comes in their way should die. He says he can kill anyone for her. She says he does not

know whom he killed, wait and watch.

Arjun gets Cheemi up. Astika says she regained their trust. Cheemi reminisces ordering monster to attack Arjun and Astika and kill then, but attack her first. She gets disappointed that Arjun and Astika are still alive, not to worry, she will get more opportunities to kill them. Arjun sees Aslam on floor dead and shouts Maskini killed his friend and now eh will not spare Maskini. Astika says whenever he sees Arjun and Aslam’s friendship, he remembers his and guru Vasuki”s friendship. Maskini wants him to make a misake emotionally and lose against Maskini. Arjun fumes that he will not spare Masini and walks from thee. Astika tries to stop him and says Cheemi they have to go behind Arjun. Cheemi says yes

Maskini sees Ajgar laughing and says he just killed a human and sould not beso happy. He says he likes Noorie. She says he should marry Noorie and take revenge then. Ajgar says why will he marriage Noorie, he will use her for entertainment, though she is very attractive. Maskini reminisces Arjun ignoring her for Noorie and slapping her.

Arjun continues walking, stops and reminisces Astika’s words that he has to controol his emotions and not let Maskini overpower him. He shouts he has to save everyone. Astika walks with Cheemi and asks where she brought him, he is losing his powers. She says yes, he is losing his powers and she is gaining. She hynotizes him and asks if he loves her. He says yes. Maskini speaks via Cheemi that he will kill Arjun. Astika repeats. Maskini thinks she will kill Arjun via his father and take revenge.

Maskini then sees Noorie confined and says she is happy seeing her like this. Noorie says she is angry though seeing her. Maskini says soon she will do something big in front of her dear ones. Noorie asks Arjun… Maskini shouts not to take his name, she hates him. Ajgar comes and says he wants to enjoy enjoy withh Noorie before that and says Noorie that she is very attractive.

Precap: Hynotized Astika bats Arjun and Shankchurn. Arjun asks what happened to him. Maskini gets Noorie ready as bride. Noorie hides knife under her dress.

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