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Naagarjun 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yashoda closes door and asks Arjun to go. Arjun peeps from window and asks why she is not letting him in. She closes window. Aslam asks her to let Arjun in, it is his house. Arjun coems in with his super powers and asks why she does not want him here. Yashoda sends Asam from there and tells Arjun that his house is naglok and not here, so he should return to naglok. Arjun says there must be some reason. She says whole Amroli is at risk because of him, Noorie, Vasuki and whole Amroli people were at risk because of him. She is worried about Maheshwar and Chutki and wants him to go back. Arjun walks towards door reminiscing his love fr his family. Yashoda cries vigorously.

Arjun walks on street reminiscing Yashoda’s wordss that beause of him, whole Amroli is at risk and she

does not want Maheshwar and Chutik to be in trouble because of him. He thiinks mom is right, he is a snake and has no place between human. He looks at Noorie’s house and thinks because ofhim, she will not face any problem again. He goes to temple and questions shivji why he gave him this punishment, when he cannot stay with his family, what will he do alone. He hits bell repeatedly and bell falls down. He imagines Vasuki who asks to find answer in himself and not ask answer, if he forgot that he told that Mahadev has chosen him and he has to complete his duty. He turns to Mahadev and says he does not know what baba was telling about, but now he knows what he has to do.

Noorie looks at her neck wound and thinks that imposter, her dying and getting back life, that monster, there is no connection between all this. Where is Arjun. She hears a song and thinks this is Arjun’s favorite song. She gets out of her house and her eyes glow. She walks into jungle behind Arjun. She is about to fall from cliff when Arjun holds her hand and pulls her back. She gets into her senses and asks what is she doing, she wants to go. He asks her to look into his eyes and then holding her head shows him the truth. She falls unconscious. He lifts her, takes her to her room and makes her sleep on her bed. He then holds her hand and kisses it and says when she will wake up, all her misunderstanding will be cleared.

He walks out. Mohini stops him and asks if he thinks everything will be fine. He fed Noorie’s mind with truth and Noorie will start loving him back, then they both will get together, what after that…she will tell him. After that, Noorie will die and he will be responsible for her death. When a human loves snake, human will die. Arjun can stop anyone from coming near him, but Noorie cannot, his small mistake will kill Noorie. Arjun looks at her angrily. She says she was just warning him, it is up to him next. He says he does not have to take nagin’s opinion. She says even he is a naag. He says she forgot he is also a human. He walks away reminiscing Mohini’s words. Mohini goes to Noorie’s room and gets tensed seeing her gaining conscious. She hopes Arjun listens to her and removes truth from Noorie’s mind. Arjun comes back and erases truth from Noorie’s mind. He holds her hand, wiggles her hair and is about to kiss but stops and leaves.

Precap: Mohini tells Noorie that she should marry Rajveer. Mohini invites Yashoa for Rajveer and Noorie’s marriage. Noorie in bridal attire thinks she is marrying Rajveer and should forget Arjun.

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