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Mohini looks at Chutki playing outside home and thinks Arjun loves his sister a lot, what if she kills sister. Chutki goes inside home and sees aunty panicking and praying shivji to protect her from snakes. She throws ribbon down and says snake. Aunty jumps on swinger and asks if sh eis not afraid of snake. Chutki laughs and says she has bodyguard Arjun to protect her. Aunty yells Arjun is the main problem in this house. Chutki goes to Arjun’s room and wiggles his ears. He wakes up shouting snake.. She laughs and says she wanted to make him her bodygfuard, but he himself is afraid. He says he is not and jokes that he gets afraid only when he sees her hair open and think she is bargad ke ped ki chudail. She gets angry and says she will not tell him that mom is very angry and waiting

for him. He goes out and hugs mom. Mom pushes him and acts as getting angry. She calls Chutki and orders to clean Arjun and her room. Chutki starts cleaning room. Mohini as snake is about to bite when she climbs bed and continues and murmurs that she has to clean everyone’s bed. Mom asks Arjun what happened yesterday night, why was he afraid as i he saw something else than snake.

Arjun says he will go and console Chutki. Chuti sees snake on bed and shouts. Arjun rushes in and sees snake trying to bite Chutki. He rescues Chutki and gets bitten instead, but poison does not affect him. Mohini runs from there. Arjun follows her. Yashoda stops him and asks what happened. She sees snake and panics. Arjun asks her to take care of Chutki and runs behind snake/Mohini till jungle. He hits her with wooden log and strangulates her neck. Astika sees this via his superpowers and thinks Mohini is a fool. Mohini suffocates and turns into human. Arjun is shocked to see her. Her own poison affects her and she starts feeling weak and drowsy. Arun asks who is she, earlier Rajbeer and now she tried to kill his sister, what they want from h im. Astika comes and spreads smoke from his hand and rescues Mohini. Arjun leaves thinking who they are, what they need from him.

At Arjun’s home, Yashoda gets worried for Arun. Chutki says snake bit Arjun. Maheshwar prays god to protect his son. Arjun reaches home. Chutki cries that he is in trouble because of him. Yashoda sees his snake bite and panics. Arjun says he had been to doc and got injection, snake was not poisonous. Aunt yells why all snakes are attacking their house. Brinda says it is not a coincidence, something is wrong. Maheshwar gets worried that Amroli people thinking snakes may be attacking even them.

Astika takes Mohini to his hideout. Mohini writhining in pain asks why poison is affecting her instead of Arjun. He says Arjun has protection against poison, so it is affecting her instead. Poison will not affect him as he is Arjun’s father, he has to save her before poison reaches her brain. She asks him to tell truth, else let her die. He angrily says Vasuki engraved nagmani in Arjun, so poison is affecting her. He slits his hand and saves her with his blood. He thinks today he had to tell truth to save Mohini, he has to make Arjun Nagarjun soon before Mohini and Shankchurn harm him.

Precap: Astika orders soldies not to guard Shastri niwas as they are performing havan and havan’s mantras are harmful for them. Vasuki tells him he saved soldiers, what about Arjun, even Arjun may die with havan mantras and nagmani will be destroyed. Arjun starts bleeding hearing havan mastras.

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