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Naagarjun 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shankchurn tells Tina that Nagmaya told that snakes are roaming in Amroli and gave him a mantra with which he can identify them. He sees sadhus passing by and asks who are they. Tina says they came from Banaras and are trying to remove Maskini’s idol from shiv temple, they even fought with Arjun. Shankchurn says something is wrong, even they may be snakes, let us follow them. They follow Sadhu. Tina slips and twists her leg and shouts in pain. Sadhu hears that nd disappears.

Arjun takes Urmila to Maskini’s lok’s door. Urmi closes it with her super powers. Maya and Loka come there and see door closed, think how will they go back to Maskini lok. Arjun then takes Urmila near lake and says Maskini had come via it, he will destroy it. Urmi says no, even water creatures

will die. Arjun sasy he will make a protective layer so that any evil creature cannot it. Urmi says even she will help him. They make protective cover. Urmi says now that all doors to Maskini lok is closed, Shankchurn can find out who they are. Maya and Loka turn into snakes and crawl away. Shankchurn comes with Tina and says he can sense snake around. He closes eyes and senses. Arjun and Urmi come. Shankchurn asks where was he. He says he was closing Maskini lok doors. Shankchurn says it is good, he will identify them now. Tina says nobody can escape now, only if Maskini comes back to life, she can reopen doors. Arjun says let us find snakes now. Shankchurn asks him to go and be with Noorie, he and Urmi will find out snakes.

Arjun with Tina returns home and sees Maheshwar outside. Yashoda also comes out and says she is worried about Sadhu’s curse. Arjun asks them not to worry. They all go to Noorie’s room. MAya and Loka are already in room and disappear. Arjun and parents see Noorie sound asleep and walk out. Maya and Loka kidnap Noorie and take her to to temple and tied her to a pole. They start chanting mantras to use her foetus. Yashoda comes back to Noorie’s room and does not find her. She informs family. Arjun with telepathy hears Noorie’s voice from temple and rushes with family. Maya and loka’s black magic does not let Arjun walk near Noorie.

In naglok, Urmi informs Shankchurn what is happening on Prithvi lok and says they need to go there soon. Maskini’s idol speaks and tells Arjun that he will lose his baby now. Arjun pleads to take revenge from him.

Precap: Shankchurn asks Tina to kill him if she wants to save Arjun and his child. Arjun takes sword and touches it oon his foreheaad and collapses.

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