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Naagarjun 12th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maskini tells Ajgar that her enemies Astika and Arjun are very powerful. Ajgar says whoever they are, he will kill them. Maskini says one is naglok’s senapati Astika and other is his half human and half snake Arjun. Ajgar says not to worry, he will kill the. She says it is not that easy, Arjun insulted her so much on earth, so she wants to take revenge from him. Ajgar asks not to worry, her brother will finish her enemies.

Arjun uses his intelligence fights with Maskini’s monsters and kills them. Cheemi fumes seeing her plan failed. She asks Arjun and asks if they killed monsters, they did really good. Astika asks how many stages are there like these. She says she does not know, she found them first time, they have to leave this place. Arjun says okay. Cheemi thinks

her life is in danger now.

Maskini thinks if Ajgar can really kill Astika and Arjun, cheemi betrayed her.. She strangulates Cheemi with her magical powers. Cheemi holds her neck, chokes an fals down. Astika and Arjun are surprised to see this.

Noorie is dragged in front of Maskini. Maskini asks if she is not afraid of dead. Noorie says no. Maskini calls her Arjun’s wife and says she is her new servant. Noorie says she will never become her servant. Maskini says then she will make Astika her servant. Noorie agrees to become her servant. Maskini says she did not hear her. Maya gives ehr cloth and asks to clean chairs. Noorie does. Ajgar comes there and asks Maskini if she made Noorie her servant. Noorie says she is not servant, she is Nagarjun’s wife. Ajgar asks Maskini to give this woman to him, he knows how to tackle her.

Cheemi wakes up and walks. Arjun says some magical powers tried to strangulate her. Astika says she is helping us in a fear. Arjun says there is no other go than following her. Astika says yes, they have to be careful though. They hear thunder storms. Astika says this is not a coincidence, how can Maskini kow all this movements. He asks if Cheemi if she is the one who is betrayed them. Arjun asks how can this be. Astika says he heard that Maskini can speak t anyone and force them to do whatever she wants. Cheemi says no, she also hates Maskini. Astika says she escapes everytime problem comes and this time if she escapes, he will kill her. Cheemi thinks she has to be careful.

Noorie goes to a room. Ajgar says she has to clean his room and he will not trouble her much. Noorie pleads to get out and leave her alone. Ajgar asks if she knows what Maskini will do if she hears that she insulted her brother, he drags her from there.

While walking with Tina, Inspector Aditya reminisces Pandey and feels sad. Tina says he doe snot have to feel guilty as he did his best. Aditya says he could not save Pandey and other team members. She says he did his best to save them, now he has to save her and shows him map.

Ajgar walks towards Noorie and Noorie pleads to not come near her. He touches her. She warns to not touch her, she is nagarjun’s wife. Aslam who is hiding there sees that and holds Ajgar. Ajgar strangulates Aslam. Noorie tires to free Aslam and beats Ajgar but to no avail. Ajgar continues strangulating Aslam with a grin on his face.

Arjun and Astika see another monster in front of them.

Precap: Monster attacks Astika and then Arjun. Arjun falls unconscious. Astika thinks if Arjun is attacked again, he cannot save Arjun. Maskini laughs that she is enjoying seeing Astika and Arjun helpless.

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