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Tina calls Arjun and informs that Mohini and Shankchurn left from Noorie’s house and asks him to start next move. Arjun asks Chutki to execute her plan. Chutki calls Noorie and insists her to meet her at temple right now. Noorie says they will meet, but Chutki angrily disconnects call and waits for Noorie’s call. Noorie calls back. Chutki tells Arjun that Noorie will come. She, Arjun, and Aslamn then leave for next move. Noorie leaves on her scooty, but Rajveer’s guards stop her. She says she will go at any cost and they can follow her. They follow her and she reaches temple. Chutki hugs her and says she heard about her father and it is sad. Noorie says it is okay. Chutki says mom told if they do roundings around temple, their wish will be fulfilled. They both start

rounding. Shankchurn and Mohini are seen on tree as snakes. Tina looks at Noorie hiding. Mohini tells Shankchurn his spies are very reliable. Shankchurn says Arjun does not know how close his spies are to Arjun.

Arjun asks Aslam and Tina to take Chutki and leave silently and then goes and kidnaps Noorie. Shankchurn and Mohini come in human form and see Noorie missing and think Arjun kidnapped Noorie and they have to search him at any cost. He scolds his guards if noorie is not found, he will suspend them all. They start searching Noorie. Aslam and Chutki escape silently. Arjun carries Noorie and walks among people. Rajveer sees him and shoots. Arjun runs with light speed and escape. Rain starts. Tina waits for Arjun in car and hopes he comes soon. Rajveer/Shankchurn’s guards ask him what happened. He shouts Arjun kidnapped Noorie and escaped. Arjun gets into car and Tina asks how did he escape police. He says he will tell her later. Mohini asks Shankchurn how can Arjun escape so easily. Shankchurn says he does not know, thinks he will wait till his spies inform about Arjun. He tells Mohini he does not trust anyone else than himself and will find Arjun in24 hours.

Tina speeds her car and police follow her. Shankchurn stops car and finds Aslam in it. Tina stops her car once Shankchurn leaves and exchanges car. Tina tries to message Shankchurn but stops seeing Arjun coming back. Arjun asks whose phone was it. She nervously says her boss’s phone. Arjun says speed up.

Shankchurn catches Aslam and warns him to tell where Arjun is at gunpoint. Arjun asks Tina to speed up. He sees police checking vehicles and stops car. Shankchurn tries to frighten Aslam by punching on car bonnet. He gets Tina’s message and sprares Aslam, then asks his guards to rush to southern moutains. Once they leave, he turns into snake. Arjun asks Tina to take car into jungle road. Their car stucks in a ditch. Arjun asks Tina to get out soon and picks Noorie. They reach a cave. Tina says she is very tired. Arjun says they have to rush. She insists. He says okay, let us rest for sometime, anyways Aslam knows about their backup plan. Shankchurn comes there and says he found him easily. Tina asks Arjun if there is any shortcut from here. Shankchurn says yes there is, to go directly up. He saw him running,even he can. He says he is alone, but Arjun has tina and Noorie, he will he run with them.

Precap: Arjun gives Shankchurn 1 hour to find Noorie. Yashoda gives holy ash to Aslam and says if he throws it on snake, it will run away or die. Shankchurn tells Mohini, he will find Noorie within 1 hour.

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  1. waiting for the next episode eagerly today’s epi was nice

    1. Yup epi was nice…?

  2. I dont get it who is tina friend or foe . Once she saved arjun and now this……

  3. tina is shankacurma spi.she informed shankachurna about arjun every move.

    1. Yar but when she saved arjun before shankchurn was like maybe she is vasuki spy nd now this. i guess its her boss who is spy….

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