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Shankchurn multiple himself and each one of him provoke Arjun to beat him. He killed Norie’s father and even Noorie. Arjun cannot do anything and Noorie will reach her father. Arjun closes his eyes and opens it. All duplicates vanish. Arjun walks near real Shankchurn but spares him and walks. Shankchurn gets sword and is about to attack Arjun when Urmi throws power on Shankchurn and Shankchurn falls down. Arjun asks Urmi why did she help him. Urmi says it is not important now, he has to go and save Noorie first. Arjun leaves.

On earth, when Pandit is about to set fire to Noorie’s body. Arjun comes in snake form, remoes cloth from Noorie’s face and looks are her face carefully. Paaas aaye duriyan phir bhi kam na huyi…plays in the bakcground. He sucks

poison from Noorie’s body and leaves. Noorie wakes up. Everyone are shocked seeing Nooie waking up. Aslam gets her out of wooden logs. Mohini fues how can Noorie wake up. Arjun watches hiding behind tree. Yashoda rushes to her. Noorie asks what happened to her. Mohini says she thought she ied and says let us go home. Yashoda asks her to come with her. Mohini says Noorie will be fine at her home and takes Noorie. Pandit says it is a miracle. Yashoda tells Aslam that Arjun must have done this miracle.

Shankchurn wakes up and finds him an naglok bathub with Urmi. He asks Urmi where is Arjun. She asks him to calm down, so much anger is not good for him. Shankchurn warns him not to force him and tell where is Arjun. Urmi says he ran away. Shankchurn says he ran away or she helped him. Urmi asks why will she do that, she saw him injured and brought him here. Shankchurn pulls her hair and says he does not want to hear lie, when he was about to attack Arjun, someone attacked him. Urmi says when he gets angry, he looks more handsome. He gets up and says he will not fall for her beauty and wants to see who saved Arjun. Urmi says okay and closes here eyes. She shows Asthika asking her not to let Arjjun and Shankchurn fight and rest of incidents. Shankchrun shouts mahabali Astika tricked him and she helped him. She says when he cannot go against Astika, how can she go against him. Shankchurn fumes.

Norie looks at her bite mark on neck. Mohiini comes and says she was worried that she lost her, but by god’s grace she is saved. She asks if she saw who attacked her and says that imposter/Arjun must have attacked her. Noorie says she does not know and pointing at her bite mark says it is weird. Mohini asks her not to think much and says definitely that imposter tried to kil her.

Yashoda sees people killing snake and burning it and gets worried for Arjun. She comes home and reminisces people’s words that they should kill snakes as soon as they see them. Aslam comes and asks where is Arjun. Yashoda says Arjun has to go from Amroli. Aslam says Arjun did not do wrong, why should he go. Yashoda says she knows, but evil powers will attack Arjun again and will destroy earth. Aslam says he can understand, but why she wants to send Arjun away. Yashoda says she is Arjun’s mother and is worried about him, he has to go from there.

Shankchurn fumes in front of Mohini that Asthika tricked him and sent Urmi to save Arjun. If she had not come there, he would have killed Arjun. Mohini asks him to calm down and think how to defeat Arjun. Shankchurn says it is possible and Arjun is still alive because of Astika. Mohini says until differences between Noorie and Arjun’s are there, they can kill Arjun.

Arjun comes home. Yashoda stops him and asks him to get out of Amroli and closes door. Aslam pleads her to let Arjun in. Arjun knocks door.

Precap: Mohini tells Noorie that she has to stay away from Arjun. Yashoda says because of him, Vasuki was killed, she does not want Maheshwar and Chutki to die. Arjun thinks all problems are because of him, he knows what to do now.

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