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Panditji checks Arjun and Noorie’s kundali to find engagement and marriage dates. They booth look at each others faces and smile. Tu chal udjaye…song..plays in the background. Aslam jokes with Arjun not to stare bhabhi so much. Arjun smiles. Maskini fumes seeing all this. Her snakes are seen entering Amroli. Panditji checks kundali and says this marriage cannot happen as Arjun has maha kaal sarp dosh and Noorie has maha mangal dosh, boiling oil and water cannot unite, if this marriage happens everthing around will destroy. Maskini smirks. Maheswar asks what rubbish is this. Pandit says he is telling what is written. A few guest walk towards Arjun’s house and snakes bite them and they all die. A man sees that and informs Arjun that snakes bit people outside.

Pandit says he told if this marriage happens, whole thing will destroy. Maskini says Arjun is only hers. Arjun asks everyone to be in and goes out. He sees snakes going away and with his super powers relives people. People stand. Arjun asks them to come in. They say they have some work and run from there. Pandit says if Arjun and Noorie marry, it will be very bad for them and people around them and runs from there. Noorie sits in a shock and cries. Maskini smirks.

Astika tries to break Maskini’s barrier and thinks what she must have done that he is unable to break it. He turns into snake and burns it and frees himself. He turns back human and continues walking. He sees bat and thinks his powers are not working, why is it so, he has to find some other way.

Pandit walks home worried. His family is captured by snakes. Maskini, Mohini and Shankchurn come there. Pandit says he did what they said and pleads to spare his family. Maskini warns if he informs anyone, he will lose his family. Shankchurn says this man knows our secret. Maskini says their fear will not let him speak. Pandit pleads that he will not open his mouth. Mohini and Shankchurn kill Pandit and his family. Maskini asks what did they do. Shankchurn says he is a policeman and knows to hide his sin. Maskini warns them they will not do anything without her permission. They both walk out.

Maheshwar tells family whatever pandit told happened. Yashoda says pandit left without telling solution. Maheshwar’s brother says in their holy scriptures, there is solution for every problem. Arjun moves. Yashoda asks where is he going. He says he will be back and leaves home.

Astika searches door for earth and gets confused. He falls into ditch and finds himself trapped. He thinks what black magic is this. Maskini’s image emerges and laughs that breaking her black magic is not easy.

Arjun walks in market and thinks someone had come here, must be some snake. Shankchurn tells Mohini that Maskini wants to have Arjun, so she is using them. Mohini says she is tricking them. Shankchurn says not now, he realized Maskini’s plan and she will not give nagmani to him as she has to kill Arjun to get nagmani. Mohini says she is waiting for Maskini to take Arjun from there. Shankchurn says if Maskini’s real face come out, she will be forced to take Arjun to her world. Mohini praises her idea and asks how will they. He says he has a plan.

Arjun goes back home and while washing his face looks himself into mirror and thinks what is happening in his life and why. Mohini comes there and calls her snake army there and thinks it is time for Arjun to know about Maskini. She tells snakes that Arjun knows about their presence, so they should leave from there. They all run away. Arjun leaves house and follows snake. Noorie asks where is he going and follows her. Arjun stops snakes and angrily says he warned them not to trouble people, they created problem in his engagement, he will not spare them now. He kills all snakes. Mohini emerges and says these are Maskini’s snakes. He asks where is Maskini.

Precap: Mohini suggests Arjun that if he marries Noorie, Maskini herself will come in front of him. Noorie sees something and walks backwards in a shock. Shankchurn is seen standing behind her.

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