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Shankchurn severely injures Arjun and addresses Astika that he changed naglog’s scriptures by killing this human, now he will become nagarjun. He is about to bite Arjun when SP comes with his team and asks team if they are sure snake is around. Officer says they heard Arjun ran behind snake in this area. Shankchurn meets SP and says he does not know about snake, but Arjun is here. Injured Arjun wakes up and says snake pointing at Shankchurn and falls back asleep. Shankchurn angrily walks towards Arjun, but SP stops him and says he told him to kill Arjun but not like this. He should make a report that Arun met with an accident or an animal attacked him, if enquiry starts they both will be in trouble else. Shankchurn apologizes and sayshe wanted to kill Arjun today. SP leaves. Shankchurn

feels pain in his hand and thinks his human body is getting weak and neesd human blood.

Caged Vasuki prays shivji to protect Arjun. Arjun crawls towards shivling and wakes up with great difficulty and repeats Bol Bam beating bell and calls Vasuki, where is he, he told he will come when he needs him. Vasuki apologizes for not fulfilling his promise and prays god to protect and show him a way. He prays god how can human become snake and snake human, he did not ask him anything in life and wants his old life back and protect him and his family. If this is a dream, he wants to wake up. he hits his head on shivling repeatedly. Nagmani activaes and his head glows. He feels severe headache, shouts, and falls down writhing in pain and gets unconscious. His nag powers get activated and is wounds heal. He wakes up and sees all his wounds healed. Yashoda calls him and asks to come soon.

Arjun reaches home. Yashoda asks if he is fine, where is nake. Arjun says snake escaped in jungle, where is Chutki. Uncle says Chutki is in room and Maheshwar went out searching him. Yashoda asks Arjun why is he looking so afraid like he saw something in snake. Arjun walks to his room. He removes his shirft in front of mirror and reminsices snake turning into Shankchurn and thinks if it was his imagination or something else.

A poor lady walks in jungle. Mohini bites her and is about to suck her blood when Shankchurn comes weak. Mohini says he has not drank human blood since a long time, so he is weak. Shankchurn says he needs this prey as he needs blood now. She says okay. Shankchurn sucks lady’s blood and kills her and gets energetic again. He says he went to Arjun’s home and frightened his family, he would have killed him, but SP came. Mohini asks what he knows about Arjun. Shankchurn says Arjun loves his younger sister a lot. Mohini says even she needs blood, so she will suck sister’s blood, Arun will be in deep sorrow and it is best time to attack Arjun. Shankchurn says they should be careful as Arjun is getting stronger. Mohini says Arjun will lose his sister forever.

Precap: Mohini looks at Chutki and thinks Arjun loves her a lot and what if she kills this girl. Chuti shouts maa…seeing snake on her bed.

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