Naagarjun 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun senses that a snake/Mohini is hearing his and Yashoda’s conversation and peeps out of window. He finds no one, but thinks someone was listening to them.

At naglok, Mohini lures Shankchurn. Shankchurn gets intimate with her and starts kissing her. Urmi thinks to keep Shankchurn away from Arjun, this is the only solution. Shankchurn says he does not know whyhe could nnot trol himself coming near her. Mohini passes by and is shoced seeing Shankchurn with Urmi. She stops him. Shankchurn walks behind him. She says he is busy here while Arjun is on earth with his family, he lost a big chance. Shankchurn says calm down, even now he has Arjun’s weakness in his hand and he will use it in his favor. Mohini says he should think of executing plan instead of thinking.

Urmi hears their conversation and thinks whatt weakness they were talking about.

Noorie comes to jungle searching for Arjun and pleads to come in front of him. Arjun thinks this is the right time to tell truth to Noorie. Just then, Shankchurn comes in snake form and stands behind Noorie looking at Arjun. He bites Noorie and she falls down and her body vanishes. Arjun thinks if Takshak captured her body again. Shankchurn laughs at Shankchurn and signals him to fight. Arjun follows him and he runs. Mohini comes with Nagmaya next. Nagmaya with her magic brings back Noorie’s body. Mohini praises her that whatever she thought is happening beacause of her. Nagmaya says Noorie will die for sure as nobody is survived withh Shankchurn’s bite. She asks to cremate Noorie’s body. Mohini asks her to go, she knows what to do with Noorie’s body.

Shankchurn keeps Arjun busy to stop him from reaching Noorie’s body until it is cremated. Arjun continues following him. Mohini takes Noorie’s body to hospital where doc declares her brought dead. Yashoda comes with Aslam and asks what happened to her. Mohini says she found Noorie dead in jungle. Doctor says a very poisonous snake bit Noorie, so he could not save her. Yashoda pleads to save her somehow. Doc says nobody can save her and asks to cremate her soon as poison is very effectie and will rotten her body.

Shankchurn takes Arjun to naglok. Arjun asks where is Noorie. Shankchurn asks to find himself. Yashoda and Aslam bring Noorie’s body for last right. Aslam thinks where is Noorie, he should come and see Noorie’s face last time. Yashoda cries thinking about time spent wihht Noorie. Mohini says she could not save Noorie, what will she tell Rajveer now.

Arjun jumps over Shankchurn and asks where is Noorie. Shankchurn says he is enjoy seeing his concern for Noorie. Arjun says it is a fight between them and he should not bring Noorie in between. Shankchurn says he threw Noorie out of their lives and her body will be cremated son. He shows Aslam performing last rights. Arjun thinks he has to reach earth before Noorie’s body is burnt. Shankchurn starts playing withh him and vanishes repeatedly. Arjun catches him and punches him repeatedly. Shankchurn laughs and asks if he is tired, he can continue beating him while Noorie is cremated on earth. He pushes Arjun and multiples himself. Arjun gets confused who is real one. Shankchurn provokes to beat him, even with Nagmani, he cannot identify him, how will he save Noorie. On earth, Noorie’s face is covered. Pandit ji saays it is time to burn body. Mohini thinks once Noorie’s body is burnt, Arjun cannot save Arjun.

Precap: Urmi tries to lure Shankchurn. Shankchurn says he wil not fall for her beauuty this time. Arjun goes home and Yashoda says because of him, whole Amroli is in trouble. Earlier Vasuki and Noorie died, she does not want Maheshwar and Chutki die because home, so he should get out of there. Arjun walks back.

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