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Noorie goes home and angrily breaks thinks and thinks holding Arjun and her photo says sorry Arjun, I cannot away from you, though I know they cannot unite, but she cannot stay away from him. She calls Arjun, but phone is not reachable. Maskini comes there and thinks Noorie cannot stop her from getting Arjun as Arjun is half nag and she is nag rani. Noorie senses someone near window and checks and finds one one. Noorie then gets busy trying Arjun’s phone number. Maskini enters room and is about to kill her when Noorie hear door knock and goes to open door. Maskini hides. She opens door and sees Arjun standing in front of her. She says she was calling her, but her phone is not reachable. He says he wants to marry her. Maskini hears that and fumes that Arjun cannot marry a human,

Noorie is not fit for him. Arjun tells he had gone to Mahadev’s temple and tells how Mahadev’s shadow came and informed him that he does not have to get away from his love because he is nagarjun. His father was snake and mother human, he is their love child. Arjun asks what about his poison. Mahadev says Mahadev had drank poison during samudra manthan, but he married and had a scholar son like Karthikeya. He blesses Arjun to live happily for 1000s of years.

Arjun with Noorie goes home and informs Yasoda and Maheshwar that they are marrying. She says it is a good news. Aslam says he needs sweets. Yashoda says sure, he will. Maskini goes to her room and fumes. Yashoda goes there and asks why is she standing in dark and did not even come for dinner, she will serve dinner for her now. Maskini says okay and thinks Arjun cannot marry anyoone else than her.

Maskini captures Astika’s palace. Mohini and Shanchurn come there and says this is Astika’s palace. Maskini says she has captured Astika in her world and will kill him on pooran maasi. Mohini gets tensed. Maskini asks if she is worried about her husband. Mohini says she just is conerned about her son and wants him to become nagarjun. Shankchurn reminds Maskini that she promised them that she will come on earth and take Arjun to her world and then kill. Maskini sys she will take Arjun t her world and will marry him and not kill him. They both are shocked and asks what about nagmani. She says once she takes Arjun to her world, she will marry him and then give nagmani to Shankchurn. Shankchurn says until Noorie is alive, he will not marry her and he will definitely not marry her if he will know that she is Maskini. She says she will with a trick and once she marries him, he cannot ignore her and warns them not to reveal this secret to Arjun.

Guest start flowing into Arjun’s house for his marriage. Yashoda and Maheshwar greet them in. Aunt helps Noorie get ready as bride and asks if she is sure she wants to marry Arjun even after knowing his truth. Noorie says yes. Arjun getting ready in kurta pajama calls Tina and invites her for his and Noorie’s marriage. Maskini enters and hugs Arjun. He asks whaat is she doing. She says she loves him so much and if he does not marry her, she will die. He says if she had told him before, he would not have married Noorie. She happily says really and hugs him. She then realizes it is her imagination when Yashoda calls Arjun to come out soon. Pandit comes and tells he has to find marriage and engagement both. Arjun and Noorie come. Yashoda says Arjun that he is looking very someone and applies kajal on back of his ear. Maskini fumes and thinks this marriage will not happen and whatever she taught will happen. Snakes are seen entering Arjun’s house.

Precap: Panditji checks Arjun and Noorie’s kundalis and says this marriage cannot happen, not even engagement. Someone informs Arjun that snakes bite Amroli people. Pandit says just by checking kundalis, such a big mishap happened, if marriage happens, a big disaster will come.

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