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Noorie points gun on herself and warns her father SP to take out gun frm Arjun, else she will shoot herself. He says Arjun and his dad mixed poison in prasad and kill Amroli people. Noorie says people are fine now. Inspector says she is right, he got a news that people are getting well. SP lowers gun. Dad says SP he does not have any reason to hold them and warns that he will file case against him. SP shouts he will kill his dirty son if he speaks or meets Noorie, he will file fake encounter case and kill him like a dog. Family takes Arjun from there. Noorie tries to follow, but SP stops her.

Aunt nurses dad’s wound and yells that because of Arjun, whole family is suffering and warns Arjun not to meet Noorie. Dad says he will not force Arjun to take any decision any pressure

and wants him to take decisions himself. Aunt continues that she is worried about her family. Dad says Arjun is his son and is part of this family. Aunt continues, but dad leaves. Arjun tells aunt that he hurt her, but he did not mean to hurt his family.

SP pushes Noorie in her room and says Arjun and his dad are criminals. Noorie says they are innocent. He warns her not to meet Arjun again and locks her inside. She cries reminiscing Arjun and their meeting. Arjun cries in his home looking at her pic on mobile. Dad comes and sees him looking at pic and goes back. They book continue to reminisce their meetings and stance for each other.

At naglok, Dakshak’s daughter Mohini meets him and asks till when he will wait for Asthika and mani. He asks what she means. She says her informers told that Asthika found Vasuki. Dakshak says he trusts Asthika and will wait for him to comeback. She asks what about future prediction and when will Asthika’s human son comes, why did he allow Asthika to marry human Pranali. He asks what she needs. She says she wants permission to let her son Shankchurn go to earth and drag Asthika’s human son here. He says let time come.

Noorie comes to meet Arjun. Arjun’s dad and mom asked what happened. Noorie apologizes them for the trouble their dad gave them and requests to let her meet Arjun once. She calls Arjun and says she came to meet him and apologize, she came hiding from her dad’s guard. Arjun listens to her. Noorie says he does not want to meet her and asks them to convey her apologies to Arjun and leaves from there.

In the morning, dad gets ready for temple. He gets a call from trustee not to come there as police enquiry is on. He says he police arrested and released him finding him innocent. Trustee disconnects call. He falls down. Arjun and mom Yashoda holds him. He says temple committee has ordered police enquiry until truth is out and suspended him. Aunt starts yelling that it is because of Arjun and even then he is meeting that girl. Mom says her son will not meet that girl and will not disobey her. Noorie calls him and he disconnects call.

Arjun goes and sit on snake idol cliff viewing whole city and reminiscing aunt’s taunt and mom promising her son will not meet that girl. He thinks he will not meet Noorie again.

Precap: Asthika says it is time Vasuki to take back nagmani to naglok, he will attack Vasuki’s friend and Vasuki has to come into his real form to save his friend. Snakes bite Aslam. Arjun fights with them and sucks Aslam’s poison, his eyes turn snake eyes.

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