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Naagarjun 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Noorie gets tensed reminiscing sadhus cursing Arjun that his whole family will destroy. She thinks what if something happens to her child. She expresses her concern to Arjun. Arjun says nothing will happen to her or their baby. Noorie says sadhus cursed them. Arjun says they have Mahadev’s blessings on them and he will not let anything happen to them.

Arjun goes to shiv temple as snake, then turns into human and prays shivji to protect is family. He is also afraid seeing Noorie’s fear. If something happens to Noorie or their child, he cannot live. He needs assurance that nothing wrong will happen. He wants shivji’s help. He chants Om Namah Shivay. Temple bells start ringing.

Tina goes to her lab and makes some medicine smirking. At home, Yashoda

consoles Noorie that nothing will happen. Tina comes and asks how is she feeling and says she prepared medicine for her, this will protect her and her baby. Noorie resists, but Tina insists with her sweet talks. Noorie consumes medicine and takes rest. Tina looks at Noorie and walks away. Noorie gets a bad dream and subconsciously shouts to not take her baby away from her. Arjun comes and shakes her and says nothing wrong has happened, she was just dreaming, their child is in her womb. Noorie calms down. Arjun asks to trust Shivji at least if not him. He hugs and consoles her.

In shiv mandir, Maskini’s idol speaks to get her out of here as her soul is going to shivji’s place slowly, she needs Arjun’s new born baby and with it, she will regain all her powers and take revenge from Arjun. She asks if she will help. Maskini’s puppet says yes.

Maheshwar comes back home tensed and tells Arjun that sadhus are frightening Amroli’s people and asks if he can remove Maskini’s idol from Shiv mandir. Arjun says if they remove idol from temple, Maskini will come back to life. Shivji is controlling her there. Sadhus don’t know anything and are creating problems unnecessarily. So many Amrolli people died because of Maskini. He reassures him that nothing will happen and asks to relax.

Noorie’s condition worsens and she starts shouting in pain. Yashoda, Tina and Maheshwar enter and get concerned. Tina asks if she is taking her given medicine and calls doctor. Doc comes and asks what happened. Tina says don’t know, when she entered Noorie’s room, she was holding her neck as if she is short of breath. Doc checks Noorie and says nothing to worry, Noorie got dizzy and is fine now, both baby and mother are fine. Arjun rushes in and asks what happened to Noorie. Doc says nothing to worry and gives prescription. Tina takes medicines and smirks. Arjun holds Noorie’s hand and asks if she is fine. She blinks eyes. Yashoda asks Arjun where was he. He says to inform Amroli people that if Maskini’s idol is removed from temple, she will relive and this time will destroy everything. Yashoda asks if sadhus left. Arjun says not yet and asks her to take care of Noorie. Yashoda says Noorie is like her daughter and she will take care of her well. She asks Tina not to let Noorie out.

Maskini’s puppet says she has already started a process to get her out of stone idol and soon wil find a way to get Arjun’s baby by hypnotizing Tina. Tina searches Maskini lok book and thinks she will get more info via it. She reads book.

Shankchurn comes and asks Arjun why did he call, if everything is alright. Arjun says nothing is right, Noorie is getting bad dreams and her condition is worsening. Shanckhurn says Noorie is human and he is half nag, so Noorie must be feeling difference. Arjun says what if Maskini’s idol is doing something. Shankchurn says it cannot be. Arjun says he is sure Maskini is doing something via idol. Shankchurn says good he informed abbout it, he will go back to naglok and will speak to Nagmaya and find out whaat is happening.

Precap: Noorie subconsciously treis to hang herself. Family rushes for her help. Arjun sees Tina chanting something in front of Noorie and asks what is happening.

Update Credit to: MA

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